Happy Monday everyone!

I have just made a huge bunch of changes in both my blog & shop, so I thought it might just be easier to let you know them all at once;
So here goes…

If you look up the top of my blog you will now notice 3 new pages.

So lets discover what they are shall we?:

1) “My Shop” Page… If you click on that tab now then it will take you straight to my shop.
– I am still working on it at the moment to get it up to date with all my products and stock, but it has some of the new stock up there since I last told you I’d updated it’s look.

At this stage I’m hoping to get scrap packs up and available by the end of next week or earlier. But it’s a slooooow job cutting up all those scraps to size so we’ll see how I go.
– I swear that the scraps in my scrap bin are multiplying though. Seriously – I’ve been cutting for days and I feel like I’m getting nowhere because there still seems just as many as when I started. Darn it! LOL…

I’m also hoping to get some new vinyl wall art up in the next month including some very cool sewing related ones. So watch this space for announcements of those. Just a hint: there might be some scrappy inspired vinyl mini quilts coming too which I just know you’re going to love (even if I do say so myself;)…)

blankets of love copy 150 dpi2) “Blankets of Love” Page… You might have noticed that the button for Blankets of Love disappeared over the last week – I’m really sorry if that affected your blog button – I didn’t think about that at the time… oops.
Anyway I’ve now made a page with hopefully all of the information that you should ever need regarding the Blankets of Love charity which I’m involved in. E.g; sizes, all frequently asked questions and the new button code for you to pick up the button for your blog to link back to the info page.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat3) “Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood” Page… The last new page I’ve made is all about the nosey parker linky party. It holds info on what it’s all about, when the next party is scheduled for, what the questions for the next party are so that you can pre-prepare your post in advance (but please don’t publish it until the date), and a link list to all of the previous parties which I’ll update as we go along.

So please go and check it out. The next Nosey Parker linky is scheduled for the 17th January and the theme is SEWING
– can I hear a wooot woooot?!
So go check out the questions and put your thinking caps on if you plan to link up 🙂


Moving on from the new pages, please can you now note the lovely new buttons down the right hand side. Thank you so much too all of the people who have purchased my scrappy pouch pattern already – you guys rock!

So just to let you also all know that the zipper pouch pattern is now live as of today…
Like the scrappy pouch pattern it has also been written up more professionally & rebranded for the pattern release. And as a bonus it now also includes measurements and amendments for you to have the option of making 3 more different sizes of zipper pouch:
Smaller make up pouch, Flat pencil case & Flat coin purse.

You will also notice that I’ve made a new cover feature pouch.
I was inspired by Heather Ross Goldfish in a bag for the colour scheme, which must be one of my fav prints going at the moment, and I’m so in love with the colours & look of it!!
Go the scraps I say – you can really make such cool stuff from “scraps” can’t you!…

What do you think or the new look?

Pretty huh?
Well I think so anyway ;)…
And can I just say again how much I am LOVING my new light box. That was the best $45 investment I’ve spent in a long time because how seriously cool do my photos look.
(Sorry Katy – I just can’t call it a light “tent”… it’s just not tent like enough for me to call it a that – but it is very box like 😉 )

In other words I highly recommend you investigate making one too 🙂

So anyway… go check out all the changes when you get a minute and then you should be all up to date with what’s changed and what is coming up in Flutter.Kat land.

Thanks guys!

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  1. It all looks really good! I’ve had your scrappy pouch bookmarked forever and never printed it out –glad I waited for the “professional” version! I’m going to your shop right now….

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