Gah I’m not feeling so great today…
My head and nose are aching thanks to my kind family sharing their germs with me.
Why is it the Mum always gets it last?!
Energy is in high demand but is very reluctant to make an appearance.
Both kids ended up on antibiotics at the end of it with secondary infections so I’m really trying to lay low and avoid that happening to me.
Especially as I’m about to fly to England next week!
Ooooh that rolls off the tongue nicely – next week, next week, next week….
London here I come baby!!

Anyway sorry… got distracted…
Back to the matter at hand – my chevron progress. Or lack of as the case may be.
Thanks for all the help the other day, I really appreciate it!
After I slept on it a night I realised that I was doing it wrong and why it wasn’t making sense to me.
I was doing the Decrease stitch all in the same stitch, which kind of defeats the purpose of a decrease stitch LOL…
So that got unravelled and I tried again.
This time I tried following the tutorial that many of you directed me to.
Made a mistake and didn’t notice until the next line so that got unravelled and I tried again.
THIRD TIME has not proved to be lucky either.
It has a slight wave but nothing like the pattern examples.
GRRRRR not happy!

I’ve run out of patience with it.
I think I need to try a smaller amount with a different wool and see if that makes any difference.
Here’s what it looks like so far anyway…

Chevron progress...

It’s just not inspiring me.

So I decided to try something else instead.
Enter the humble granny square…

My first two granny squares...

These I could get right first time, and also they are fast to make.
I’m definitely an instant gratification girl so these are going to suit me well.
Like I finished one last night watching an episode of something and another today after I put the dinner on and while I was waiting for it to cook.
I’m thinking I could finish a whole one while waiting for a ballet lesson to finish etc.

And amazingly both squares ended up the same size.

Crochet Progress...


I think I might pick up some red or pink to just add a little pop of colour into the mix and really tie it in properly with my lounge quilt.
I don’t want too much red because I’m loving this combo, but I’m thinking maybe 3 feature squares of red combo while making the rest matchy matchy or something.
OR a red edge once they’re all sewn together or something.
Any suggestions.

That’s about it from me. I’m already in bed and the time only has a 7 in the beginning.
And that’s just where I plan to stay for as long as possible.
Until next time

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  1. Go to bed, stay in bed and don’t get up until you have to – or later if you can swing it. Hope you beat those germs into submission.

  2. aww, boo hoo, no fun being sick! Stay in bed and crochet if you feel like it, that’s how I learned to crochet when I was maybe 12 and got some yarn ae hook and a book from the library, the chevron you’ll figure out, yeah decreasing over 3 stitches and then increasing 3 stitched in the same stitch on the top. I made a whole chevron sweater once, gave it to my mom several years ago, or maybe I made two, now I can’t remember, I don’t crochet anymore, but still hang on to the books, JUST in case.
    Have you tried crocheting socks! it’s not like knitted, these are thick like slippers but look like socks, they are fun to make. Have a fun trip to london!! are you visiting family? and how long are you staying?

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It may be better to suck it up and get to the doctors for any antibiotics sooner rather than later. You want to feel well for your trip!

    Ahhh granny squares. My favourite type of crochet. I think you made the right call.

  4. Wow you seem to be getting sick an awful lot! You should be locked in quarantine!
    Seems like the chevrons got the better of you. Great Granny substitutes though! =D

  5. wow… can’t believe it is England time already, seems like you were just talking about the possibility a short while ago… hope you feel better soon!! I think red would be nice as the joining thread between all the squares (I assume there is a joining thread? lol)

  6. When we are learning its patience we get a good dose off 🙂 You will be crossing the days of the calendar now 🙂 not long to go now…I should get my shopping list organised for you hahahahahahaha

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