Yesterday we found ourselves at a bit of a loose end…
We couldn’t really go anywhere, because I wanted Abbie to stay in tip top shape for her surgery today, and by 9am I’d finished my housework preparations for Dad’s pending arrival. Other than waiting for the washing machine to finish over. and over. and over… again that is.
(so pleased I am blessed to have that thing – it really serves me well!)

So what’s a girl to do but to start a new quilt on a whim…
I’ve got quite a to-do list of sewing that I should have been working on, but I really felt like I needed something quick, fun, and instantly gratifying to get me back into the sewing mood.
Since it’s Abbie’s birthday on Thursday and I haven’t really got her anything this year (I mean what do you get the second sister who doesn’t “need” for anything!) I thought it would be nice to make her a quilt for her birthday.
Especially as Hannah was the beneficiary of my first ever quilt as her second birthday present…
(that is a link to my first ever blog post by the way!)

A year or so ago one of my bee friends Leona kindly sent me some I spy 6.5 inch charms with something for each letter of the alphabet. So I decided to add to those with fabric from my stash until it got to a good toddler sized I spy quilt…

Thank you to my Dad the quilt model…

It was so relaxing to just cut and sew something so quick & easy!
Not a single pin was used in the entire process… Bliss! Luckily the corners do line up, not that I imagine Abbie will care either way…

In the interests of this being a fast easy project, rather than add to my enormous to-bind pile I decided to “add texture” to the quilt and go for a ragged edge. I mean kids love texture right?!… And of course that’s the main reason I left it ragged ;)…

I have to admit that some of the fabrics in the quilt are truly hideous (as I spy fabrics often are!). But I also included a large amount of my favourite “precious” fabrics so that I do really love the final result.

The back is just a big piece of cream fleece I had in my stash. Probably not considered the most toddler appropriate colour, but it met with snuggle approval, it was there & it was the perfect size, so it got used! 🙂

Of course the main thing is that the girls both LOVE it!
It was definitely a team effort. For much of the piecing I had Hannah on my left handing me the squares and Abbie on my knee “pushing the scissors button” cutting the thread at the end of the seam.

So there you have it, a quilt in a day.
Here is the birthday-girl-to-be enjoying the process yesterday and breaking it in…

We’ve had lots of fun playing I spy with it already (although I have to say that Abbie is a bit young to have really grasped the concept), so I would call that a good few hours spent.

Right, this has been a good distraction but it’s time to leave for the hospital.
I’ll let you know how things go with Abbie’s surgery tomorrow…

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  1. How fun!! Perhaps now I know what to get my girlie turning two this week!! Your right, she has everything she might need from her big sister!;) I have a bunch of I.spy squares that I’ve never sewn up… Hope her surgery goes well & she’s back in tip top shape soon! {{{Hugs}}} to you mommy, I know this would be tough seeing your baby go through this.

  2. Perfect birthday gift for your little one 🙂 my boys still uses their birthday quilts every day even being so old as 9 and 11. I literally found them on the couch within 30 minutes of returning from vacation each snuggled in their quilt… You may not love all the fabric but there’s so much to look at and recognize for a wee one. It’s perfect. You mojo is oficially back.

    Best of luck today – fingers crossed 🙂

  3. I’ll be in your pocket today, Kat, so, if you need a hand to hold, put it in your pocket and hang on tight. I have a feeling that there’ll be quite a few of your bloggy friends in this pocket with me! Lots of hands for you to hold on to. :o)

  4. So glad you’re sewing! The quilt looks great and will be really fun when she’s a bit older. I laughed at what you said about some of the charms. I’m praying things go perfectly tomorrow!

  5. What a great distraction, it looks great and your children seem to love it, how sweet that they were involved in the sewing process too! All the best to your daughter for her surgery today, I hope all goes well. Oh and I didn’t comment the other day but great news about your husband’s achievements. Things are looking up! x

  6. what a lovely, fun, and quick quilt. Just perfect for a little girl. Your family will be in my thoughts. It’s never easy when a little person is having a surgery.

  7. Oh it’s just gorgeous! And of course I love the Lightning Bugs fabric in it yay! I’m stashing I spy charms to make Master 2 a quilt later on. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow x

  8. Awesome! I’m trying to see what’s in each block and guessing the letter. What fun!

    Sending happy, healing thoughts your way. Take good care of that lovely Abbie. xx

  9. What a cute quilt! Hah at the half the fabrics are hideous comment, I’ve joined an I-spy fabric swap and the prints in the pool so far aren’t too bad (save one shellfish print!)
    Hope the surgery goes well! =D

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