So it’s no secret that I’ve had one of these cool wee tickets to Fat Quarterly Retreat London 2012 since they were released…
There was quite a large part of me that wouldn’t let me get too excited about going…
Because while I had a ticket to the event, and had also booked my hotel room, there was the ever so small matter of a plane ticket standing in the way of me getting there!
Oh… and the money to buy said plane ticket at this time of year!! That too…

However, today I get to feel a little like this…

Because thanks to a very unexpected lump sum of money dropping into my account yesterday courtesy of the Australian Family Tax Office {Thank you AFTO I heart thee!!}, that I had no idea I was even entitled to this year, I can finally get excited. Because within an hour of finding out about said money it was already spent and I am now the proud owner of a return ticket for Abbie & I to London!

YEAH BABY – London here we come – officially this time heheheh…

I’m sure your all very very green with envy excited for me, so I just wanted to share the great news 😉

No escaping me now UK peeps, I’m off to stalk you in person LOL

Ok, back to sorting my scraps… it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it {Yeah right… loving it!}

PS Totally different topic:
I’m thinking of listing some “pre-cut into usable patchwork sized” scraps in my shop for a low price just to share the love since I have so many scraps & I know lots of people would love a fast injection of lots of different modern prints to their stashes.
– The cost will mostly be to cover part of my time cutting them since it’s such a time consuming job…
So far they are sized 5 inch, 4 inch, or 3 inch squares. 3 inch, 2 1/2 inch & 2 inch strips of various lengths. Mostly heavily modern designer patchwork fabric with a small amount of dress weight fabric thrown into the mix.
So if you’d like some then speak up now with what size & colour variety you like & I’ll put together a pack and custom listing for you. Feel free to make request of designers or prints you’ve seen me use too and I’ll try and oblige {because I’m nice like that}.

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  1. Congrats on going to the retreat (super jealous!)

    I would love a scrap back! I love love love any Heather Ross, enchino and any prints that would be good for an i-spy quilt that I`m making for my baby boy! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Wooooweeeeeee! So so cool! Im going too (if they still have tickets at the end of the month fingers crossed!) Im still a bit childish about areound the world things, for example I got some fabric from America today and didnt even want to open the packet! The fact that it had come from america, been written on and packed by an american was just so cool and mind-blowing for me! You’ll know who I am at the retreat, I’ll be the one quivering with excitement when someone says ‘hi’ in a foreign accent lol!

  3. Hi Kat! I am so happy and exited for you and your tickets! I got mine too but to Finland! I’m also exited because haven’t been there for a while! Great idea to put some patches to your shop! Good luck!
    x Teje

  4. Woo hoo! You’re really coming!!! This is so exciting!

    I’d be in for a scrap bag. Would love one really. I’d be in for 4 or 5 inch scraps of any non-white/cream or non-brown, so any color. It’s a scrappy project, so I’m not worried about prints so much as color vibrance – bright (not glowing) is better, geometrics are good. Long story short, I love your stash, so what ever you have makes me happy.

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