After my recent posts about my happy place here… and here… I’ve had many lovely comments on how tidy my fabric is. Of course naturally I agree and think so too LOL…

It wasn’t always this tidy or functional I can assure you!! But since my fabric sits in a corner of my living room where I stare at it all day long (and daydream about all the lovely things I can make with it…*lets all sigh aaaaaaahh) I really needed a neater way to tidy the bigger pieces (from 1/2 yard up)…

I started off just folding it all up neatly in piles. Well I don’t know about you, but my piles never stayed neat for long!! Inevitably I always needed one of those pesky middle fabrics, especially if I was in a big hurry (which is always). Of course this meant that in seconds my piles all ended up in a shambles. So I needed a better solution – one that was super EASY to keep tidy. This was my solution…

Coreflute fabric wrap cards…

Originally saw this idea on another blog and bookmarked it for later use. However when my laptop was stolen I lost the link grrr…. and do you think I could find the tutorial again when I was finally ready to make them??!! -Sorry to the person who’s tutorial that was, I wish I could link to your fine work!  …So I had to come up with my own solution – and really, it’s not hard at all!! Plus it makes all my fabric SO pretty & functional…

So here’s what I did.

I went down to my local hardware shop (Bunnings for the Aussies among us) and bought some large sheets of Coreflute. I think it was about 8-10mm or something thick – not the super thick stuff. It comes in huge sheets and I found it in the section with all the boards e.g. chipboard, melamine etc… It’s not expensive stuff – I think it was only about $6.99 for a big sheet which I could get at least 9 of these cut from (plus a few more if I taped together the offcuts- which of course I did since I’m frugal LOL…)

So then all I did was cut it up with a craft knife. I cut mine down to a size of approx 14×6 inches.

The next step is to fold your fabric to size. It already comes doubled over right? So then if you lay it out flat, you simply fold it back in half again – fold to selvedge. You should end up with one long piece about 11ish inches wide with the selvedge running along the bottom. Once folded there should now be 4 layers of fabric.

Once you have it folded, you simply start wrapping it around your coreflute card. I stick a pin in the end to secure it – and wallah – all finished… Easy Peasy.

If you want to give this a go yourself but don’t want to buy any coreflute, you could also use thick recycled cardboard. I wanted mine to be white though.

So far they have lasted really well – and they are definitely assisting in helping me keep my space tidy. Assisting being the operative word LOL…


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  1. Your fabric stash is gorgeous…like a piece of art in your lounge. Must admit I have eyed it up when I have been over as it does look so pretty 🙂
    I would never tire of looking at a stash like that.

  2. thanks for your post! i was just thinking this morning that i needed some guidance on how to organize my fabrics and craftroom (but also was afraid it was so basic, no one would post about it!)… i’m so glad to find your post! i’m inspired and excited! thanks

  3. I love the way the fabric looks like little bolts of fabric when you wrap them on boards like this. I found a tutorial on how to sraighten your stash. She recommended Comic book backer boards. I found some on line. They work great and they are very inexpensive. I have a photo on my blog to show how much the boards helped me straighten my fabric.
    Hugs from south Louisiana, USA
    I enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. I roll my material around one of my long rulers. Fold it in half lengthways and stack in my closet. I am fortnate I have roll out shelves, But this would work on any shelf….I sort by color.

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