So you fancy making yourself one of these?

YAY That’s awesome! In that case here are the instructions for printing the PDF pattern pieces…

First of all a HUGE thanks to Jenni who helped me learn how to upload them for you to access. {I love how helpful this online community is – I learn so much from you everyday!}

To print the pattern pieces click over here… 

That will take you to my link in google documents. Now if, like me, you have not used google docs before then here is a pic to help you know what to do next…

Click on File. 
Then either click download original & print like you would a normal PDF in your adobe reader, or click directly on print PDF.
When you print just make sure that you don’t have any scaling (e.g. fit to page or anything) selected. They are designed to be printed on A4 paper.
Hope that helps. If you make one I’d love you to send me a link so I can take a look!! 

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  1. I did it! I made your bag! (and I survived!) I think it looks pretty cool and I only stuffed it up twice. Thanks for putting up the pattern Kat.

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