Ok so I gather I may have put the fear of God into some of my fellow bloggers when I let you in on the secret that Blogger not only owns all your blog content but could also “lose” or close your blog at their will.

I’m sorry!!

I really didn’t mean to frighten, you but at the same time it’s all the truth and I’m glad you know now so that you can be equipped to do something about it…

I learnt this information at some point over a year ago and promptly learnt how to back up my blog as a result. So let me share how to do it. It’s really easy once you know how, and you can always set yourself a reminder on your calendar to do it once a week/month or however often you deem necessary.
I have had to install my back up file a few times now (most recently when I migrated to wordpress – how easy to be able to install all my old blog posts in one easy click!) and it has always worked a charm.

So, here is how you back up your Blogger Blog…

1. Bring up your blog dashboard. Use the drop down option menu to select “settings.”

step 1


2. On the left hand side menu click on “other” which is right down the bottom…

step 2

3. Select to “export” your blog…

step 3

4. You will then get a pop up box that looks like this…

step 4


Just click on the big orange “download blog” button.

Now it will depend on your browser and how you have your computer set up is set up as to what the next step is. But just follow the prompts and save the file somewhere safe where you will remember where it is.

That file stores all your blog posts in. I’m not sure that it backs up your pages though so you might want to manually back those up by copying the html into notepad and saving them or something.

And there you have it – easy isn’t it?

If you ever need to restore your backup you go to the exact same place but instead of clicking “export” you select “import”. Then you need to import the backup file from where ever you just saved it.

Alternatively you can use this backup file to migrate your blog over to a different host for example wordpress, typepad etc… then within minutes your new blog will have all of your posts in.


The other thing you might want to consider doing is to back up your blog template…

I would do this any time you are making template changes, just in case you don’t like the changes you made, or something goes wrong (it’s happened to me!) and want to revert back to the original.

To back up your template go up one on the left hand side menu to “template” and click on it. That should take you to the following screen. You just need to click the “back up/restore” button…

template step 1

and follow the prompts to download your template.

Restore using the same method but obviously you pick “restore” and find your backup file you saved, rather than click download…


I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any further help.

Blog ending

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  2. Thank you. I just start to update my blog again after long time hiatus. I moved my blog contents from blogspot to wordpress with the plugin wordpress2blogger or whatever…I forget. My other blogs are still in blogger, maybe I just need to do backup them as well. .. Now I know to how do it : )

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