Welly boots, autumn leaves and rainy afternoons going through open houses... Think we may have found a winner #autumn #thesebootsaremadeforsplashing #nofilter

Welly boots are perfect for house hunting did you know…
Easy on and easy off
and perfect for squishy mud and crunchy Autumn leaves…
There are a lot of both around at the moment, depending on the day…

I am loving these colours of Autumn…
Our home town is now in a valley surrounding by hills and with a river running through the centre.
When I remember to I will take some photos for you.
It really is very pretty!

Growing up here I always took the valley for granted,
but upon return I can see the beauty through fresh eyes…
Especially at this time of year with all the changing leaves…

House hunting is keeping my mind busy and distracted at the moment.
{In between all the visiting people we haven’t caught up with in ages that is}
We have no real hurry to move and can stay with my parents for as long as we need,
But I’d love a space to call our own.
So I’m busy looking.

We put in an offer on a house on Thursday,
but at the back of my mind I wasn’t too excited.
Completely unlike me!
Then it turned our investigations with the council turned up that the entire downstairs of the house had not been done with the proper council permits.
Big big problem!!
So we promptly withdrew our offer.
I think I must have known deep down that it wasn’t the house for us.
What a shame though, because it was a lovely house.

But now I have my eyes firmly set on what I think will be the one.
It is a cutie for sure!
Just check out the view…

The view from the house we are hoping to buy. Not the best day to show it off but I love it I love it!!

A rainy day indeed and not the best to show it off,
but I could certainly get used to rolling over in my bed and staring out at that…
So, so much potential!

It has received the tick of approval from the parents and trusted advisors.
Now just to hope it all checks out and if so that we can then agree on price.
Off to the council today it is for me…
I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. A view like this can make a house very tempting to buy. In your situation, this view is just an additional feature that you’ll enjoy since you already loved the house itself. I hope you got a great deal and you’re already in the process of arranging the important documents. Please direct me to your house tour! 🙂


  2. House hunting can be very tiring, but a view like this can really lighten up your mood. Have you bought this house already? I bet you’re thinking of various designs that you can incorporate once you move in. I hope you can use the terrace as a receiving area, so that your guest can also experience that great view.


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