All my friends, bloggy & otherwise, seem to have been making beautiful candles recently.
Some soy candles, some wax candles but all beautiful and inspiring.
So after my friend Em made a tutorial of her progress I decided to hop on the bus & give them a go…

Joining the candle making phase today with these green tea & lychee soy candles. Mmmmm

They are super easy & lovely that I can see why everyone is in love with them!!!

I made mine green tea & lychee scent and they smell d.e.v.i.n.e!
Naturally we had to try one out already to see how it burnt…

Trying the first candle out... This one has a bit of a story behind it #ontheblog

The mug used above is one that I bought on my 10th wedding anniversary which was hand painted by the resident artist at the hotel we stayed at. So it holds special memories for me. But I’ve never used it as a mug since a) I don’t drink hot drinks & b) I didn’t want it to get wrecked by going in the dishwasher. So I decided it would make a great candle holder and I wasn’t wrong…

Now back to sewing. I have a few projects in the pipeline.
All dreamed up this week.
All big.

Nothing like last minute projects huh…
Here is a sneak peak. All I can show you for now.

Sneak peak of my latest project #ontheblog

One of the other projects involves paint.
Loooots and lots of paint.
Oh my. It’s making me nervous just thinking about it!
I could actually have gone mad on this one and I am hoping like hell I’m not going to have regrets!!!!!!
More soon

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  1. Beautiful! I have been wanting to make some soy candles for a while now, I bet they smell devine! Perfect use for that cup! Miss you, If you are free anytime oer the christmas holidays, we would love to catch up, Emelia would love to see the girls, and I finally received the rest of your birthday present in the mail! Bec xxx

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