Well… yesterday was a break-out-into-a-crazy-dance-with-excitement day for us here Flutters!!!

Who could think that picking up such a tiny, seemingly insignificant object could hold so much excitement, anticipation and hope?!…
But it did… it soooo did…

Yep, that there is the key to our future folks – 
The key to our new home.
And hopefully our new forever home at that…
It’s a pretty big deal!!!

You see, Mr Flutter and I are regular movers.
In our 12 year relationship we have lived in 3 different countries,
and this will be our 12th move!!!
Holy cow I had thought it was 8, but I just added it up and it’s definitely 12 in 12 years.
Most of those would have been in the first 6 years, but still. It’s a lot alright.
Our roots have been shallow!

And the move is oh-on.... Couldn't have asked for a better day for it. #movinghouse #twominutesinthesun #timeforasitdown

BUT most of the reason that this key is such a big deal, is that we plan to make this home our last stop for a looooooong time.
This house has been a dream in the making for years!
We have worked our butts off for it,
(we still will are and will be for years) because it’s a stretch financially, but
we aim for it to be the 20-30 year house…
Only time will tell of course, but that’s the plan.
Our roots are going to finally get to grow deep.

Seriously, if I ever grow tired of this view then shoot me!

Over the last 2 days I’ve had a chance to visit and spend time inside the home and it just feels so serene.
Tucked away in it’s own little private sanctuary, there is a really really great feeling of love and peace in the home!
It has been owned by the same family for the last 30 years. Now with her family all flown and her husband passed, it’s time for the previous owner to downsize to a retirement unit.

I must admit that even my young legs are not looking forward to all that vacuuming of it’s 200m2 space –
But it is the space that has attracted us, (we sure won’t outgrow it in a hurry!)
And the character,
And the views,
And the craft/sewing studio –
Oh my, oh yes the studio!!

I can now give you a little peak at the space which will soon be the home to my sewing/crafting studio…
Just a teeny bit of space really –

I think it measures about 40m2, so I shouldn’t out grow it in a hurry!
(Although I will have to share it with the “spare room” for visitors…)
With a coat of paint, some new flooring (and some heating!) it will look amazing.
I can’t wait!

But do you know the most awesome and amazing thing about the home?
Turns out that the former owner was my intermediate school art teacher.
She took me for my favourite ever subject at school for 2 whole years.
Seriously, how amazing is that!?
And this was her art studio.
It gives me warm fuzzies knowing that!

She has really blessed us in more ways than just passing her home on to us.
Due to her need to downsize she kindly left us much furniture,
a washer and drier,
a huge amount of her art/craft library of books
and sooooo much art stuff.
Seriously, enough art stuff to keep us busy for years…

I haven’t even had a chance to go through it all yet, but there are some real treasures in there!
Paints, paint brushes, paper, card, pastels, paper making kits, and so many other goodies that I have no idea.

Last and not least, she thoughtfully left a box of treasures hand picked for each of my girls in their new bedrooms.
Quack quack go the toy ducks that have stolen my girls hearts…
Oh my heart, we feel seriously, seriously blessed right now!

Even Miss Izzy Dog is loving all the new space to explore…

So that is a little sneak peak at some of our new space.
I’ll show you some more soon.

It’s a bit of a big project but we are totally up for it!!
The builder starts this Wednesday and it will be a busy few weeks until he finishes.
First up for me tomorrow is the paint shop –
I have a looooooot of painting to do.
I’m hoping to start Monday so I’ll give you some update shots as I go.

Wooo hooo…. renovating 101 here we come…

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  1. Oh wow how very fantastically amazing, I think you will be very happy here for a long time. Such a wonderful post to read especially after the tough year you have had. Very best wishes to you all. xx

  2. Welcome to your new home. It looks fantastic and I can tell from your writing you are going to be sooo…. happy there. Enjoy paint shopping and then the painting.

  3. OH HOW FUN! Congratulations! Don’t take this wrong at all as it is NOT meant to be, but if I had moved that many times in such a short period of time, I would have been thrilled to have been handed a key to a brand new cardboard box home. LOL

    Those pictures so far look amazing. WOW! TOTALLY jealous of that craft/sewing area already, even with that flooring and really, what better flooring in a sewing room. I think you should save a large piece of that before tossing it all and frame it. Then when things settle down and you’re happy with all your decorating etc, you should see if you can duplicate that flooring and make a quilt. I wonder if the woman who lived there loved that flooring. Imagine giving her a small lap quilt that looked just like it along with a piece of the original flooring matted in a frame. She would be thrilled I bet.

    You are so lucky that she left you such wonderful treasures to sift through and how cute to leave things for your girls. She sounds like a special lady for sure.

    When I bought my home in 1994 we were left with nothing but a garage packed FULL of trash like old auto parts and about 100 paint cans and all those types of really fun (NOT) things. And next to the garage was a huge pile of wood stacked as half the height of the garage itself. ugh. I managed to force them to remove all the firewood and other cr*p left outside the garage but was stuck with the other stuff.

    What a gorgeous view you have too. ENJOY your new home. And enjoy STAYING there for the long term too.

  4. WOOOOooOOoooOHOOOoooOOOO!!!
    Of all things I have heard of being left behind by former owners, you really got the TREASURE! How wonderful to have ART supplies – and ones from your former teacher. 😀

    Good luck with all of your painting & organizing & STAYING PUT!


  5. I can only imagine the satisfaction of finally settling in one place. Moving houses 12 times can be a bit traumatic and tiring at the same time. Even if you don’t want to, you’d develop a mentality that everything is temporary, which keeps you from deepening connections with the people in your neighborhood. I hope you’ll have a great stay here! :)) Erick@Memphis.ChurchillMortgage

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