What a difference a week makes!!!

This time last week we moved into our new house and after previously spending hours upon hours here working but not living, it felt a bit surreal to actually be in.
I guess it still feels quite surreal in that it’s really our house, but it is finally starting to feel like home…
We couldn’t love it more!

There has been quite a bit of this enjoyed during the week…

I’ve definitely found my favourite morning cuppa spot!
Izzy’s quite partial to joining me there as well…

Then we follow the sun around and end up in our new living room in the afternoon…

Where I’ve been found on several occasions this week to be napping away in the afternoon sun.

Yep lots of feet up, enjoying the peace and quiet.
Trying not to rush.
Trying to resist any more renovations {for now} and just be still.
Taking time to enjoy what we’ve got, and feeling so, so lucky!

A lot of sitting and if I’m honest a lot of admiring.

Because I still can’t get over that we did this.
The transformations still astound me – case in point the lounge transformation…

Are they really the same room?!
That’s a rhetorical question because I promise you they are!
I just can’t believe that the reality matches so perfectly to the picture I had in my head!

Sure there’s been plenty of unpacking to be done all week. And Mr Flutter had plenty of electrical jobs, not to mention a lot of things to screw to walls in case we have another big earthquake to add to the two we’ve had over 6 points in the last 3 weeks.
But then we’d stop and sit a while. Try and just enjoy the space.

The girls are feeling very at home now as well…

Picnic of pizza on the floor since it’s Friday night…

I’m pretty much there with the unpacking now.
Currently I have a largish pile on my dining table to sort, and my downstairs rumpus floor still needs attention,
But those are the last few piles. I think all the boxes are unpacked.
{Until we get around to sorting out the mess in the dumping ground garage I guess, but that’s a different matter entirely}.

I still have about 16 doors leaning against the wall in the entrance way to be painted. The kitchen and entrance way still need to be painted also. But I’m so enjoying a break from the painting!
This weekend, shock horror, I may even get to do a little sewing.
Won’t that be nice!

I can’t see myself leaving the painting for too long though. Because the hallway ties everything together, and it’s kind of frustrating me that it’s not finished yet. Not to mention I can’t see to get the kitchen to look clean no matter how often I scrub it.

Will the desire for rest, or the impatience to finish win I wonder?!
We will soon see…

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  1. It looks absolutely amazing! I admit that when you first showed the house I thought it would take months and months to get it looking like it does now. I’m completely in awe!

  2. It looks fantastic! I’m amazed that in your head you could envision what you’ve achieved. I’d kinda be blinded by the very 70s decor and wood panelling. Great job!

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