I’m beginning to think that I might be slightly related to the bear family. Or the squirrel family.

Or something else with hibernating tendencies but that actually exists in Australasia…
Ever since I got home I’ve gone into hibernation for the winter!
Not of the miserable kind.
Of the quite satisfactory kind actually. For the most part that is.
These past two weeks we’ve been enjoying some family time together. 
Just being.
Not rushing. Not working. {Trying} not to stress about all the decisions we have to make.
Reading, playing, talking, enjoying…
Enjoying the more “fresh” winter weather & all the winter delights it allows:
Soup. Snuggles under a blanket in front of the TV. Clothes warm out of the dryer.
Long hot bathes.
I’ve needed this time!!
Time to reconnect with my family after all the stress of the last couple of months.
{Stress I haven’t yet been able to share with you. But I’m hopeful I’ll be able to share it all with you soon…}
Time to recoup and look after my body after a month of no sleep and travel!
Time to process a lot of stuff on my brain… Grief, Goals, Our future…
It hasn’t all been chocolate & roses… 
Especially that processing of stuff…
There’s been a fair amount of healing from winter ills as well.
And mothering around the clock!
And lack of sleep…
Leading to way more naps {for me} than usual!
So that’s why I’ve had nothing real to report this week I’m afraid. 
My creative Mojo appears to be in long term hibernation & I confess that I haven’t sewn for over a month.
Despite having aimed to have a few more patterns written by now.
And the need for naps and early nights to overcome the sleepless nights (Thanks Abbie) really eats into craft time!
But do you know what – that’s ok by me.
I’ve enjoyed this time with my family before Neil flies back away again tomorrow.
Well not the sleepless nights!!
But it was important for me to take a break!
And instead I’ve finished about 5 books!
Now if you’ll excuse me I hear my husband driving up the driveway…
We have a date with some Indian Takeaway, some beer & the final of The Voice…
Will talk again soon 🙂

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  1. I hope things perk up for you soon and your Mojo comes back off of it’s holiday. I think there are few retreat goers that have found their Mojo has gone on a little holiday without them!

  2. I think you’re doing the right thing – dont worry bout time off sewing/blogging, just take some time for yourself and the family, you’ll be all the better for it 🙂

  3. This post totally resonates with me as that`s exactly what I have been doing…although it`s summer here…big time! Enjoy your time with your family Kat!

  4. Take good care of yourself. This sounds like fantastic family, healing time. Enjoy and relish it. If you ever need anything, please ask. I will do all I can for you. xx

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