Hi, Everyone! It’s been ages. How are you?

So far, for me, this year is such an improvement on last year (aka the year from hell!). It’s not been without it’s significant challenges – e.g. my Dad just got out of hospital again from a serious blood infection. And I’m facing my own health battles. But generally speaking, we are all well and good.

The photo above, was taken in January this year when Neil and I visited Hawaii for our 15th wedding anniversary. What a fabulous way to start the year!

However, this week I’ve had a rocky week with my blog. As a result, I had to make some decisions – I had to decide whether I was going to keep this space going or not. Here’s the short version:

This month, for my business/day job, I’m planning to develop a new website. As part of that, I need to hire a developer for the parts that my technical skills aren’t quite up to. So, as a test for the new developer, I thought I’d get his assistance with changing the theme of my blog and making a few modifications to it. Thinking then that would show me if he was the right developer for me to be working with or not.

Oh my, what a stinking disaster!

Hopefully, most of you didn’t notice, but I apologise sincerely if you did. Or, if you are one of my WordPress subscribers, and ended up getting email bombed from me this week, I apologise big time!! My developer broke my blog, changing the theme over to a new theme, and I had to put it into maintenance mode. He then struggled to fix it for 3 whole days, and in the end, I gave up waiting, said goodbye to him, and fixed it myself in about 3 hours yesterday evening. It wasn’t that hard once I found the right plugin.
(Go me! Just shows you can do anything you set your mind to (with a little help from Google!))

Anyway, the point is that I had the choice of what to do this week with my blog;
I could have chosen to let it slide, and walk away. But, I found I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I may not have been very active on here in the last few years, but there’s too much history here to lose.

So, I decided to persevere with installing my new look, and make this space into something I can love again.

I love the new look and I hope you do too!

I’ve been wanting to freshen up my blog for ages, and make it more mobile responsive, and now it’s so much more functional and tidier behind the scenes. I love refreshing the page and seeing what posts come up on the homepage post feature. I also really like that I now have tidy categories of posts that flow into nice neat pages of thumbnails. E.g this Tutorial page:

I’m hoping it will inspire me to be more active in this space. I often write posts in my head still, and it would be so nice to actually get them out of my head, onto the screen! No promises, but know that there are good intentions to be more active at blogging again. I do miss looking back at what I’ve recently done.

Let me know what you think of the new space 🙂


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  1. So glad you got it sorted out, & big congrats on doing it by yourself! I REALLY love getting your new post notifications & so please don’t give it up. I’ve had my Mum having chemo for the last few months & although I have only managed to be a small help to her, she has completed chemo & is in remission so looking forward to better things. Hope your Dad can be well. Lovely to have you back, can’t wait to hear if you’ve been sewing, I haven’t managed much, I need some inspiration.

  2. I love it. I really enjoy reading your blog and I am so glad you have decided to continue to share your craft, life and family adventures.

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