On Sunday I decided to pull out all stops and finish unpacking the downstairs rumpus room,
aka my sewing room…
Now the room is renovated it feels delicious to visit, unlike the cold damp basement type room it was when we first purchased the property!
Oh how nice it is to have all my things back out and organised so that I can use them!!
It has been about 5-6 months since I’ve done any sewing and over a year since I’ve done any serious sewing.
Woah baby, I almost thought I’d forgotten how!
But I hadn’t, and I have begun to break in the space nicely…
First up I made some cushion inserts… Not the most exciting job to begin with, but I had those lovely butterfly cushion covers you see above sitting on my bedside cabinet just crying out for some inserts, so they made an easy first job to get me started again.
The cushions were supposed to be for our bed, but they just didn’t seem right there once I finished them and have instead found a new home as a pop of colour in our sitting room. There they can double as floor cushions for the kids and I’m sure they will get lots of use.
The inserts were completed fully from things I had in my stash. 
Next up I whipped up a quick t-shirt for Hannah…
She’s had those red pants for a few months and has only worn them a handful of times, primarily because none of her existing t-shirts really matched. So I took a plain white tee that she already had and quickly appliqued a babushka on the front. 
Bingo – a nice girly t-shirt for her that will make her get use out of the pants…
And lastly, armed with all the quilting essentials; diet coke, chocolate and some sounds, I have started a new project – 
My very first attempt at a triangle quilt…

These bright and cheerful triangles are destined to become a quilt for Abbie’s bed. Since hers is the only bed in the house without a full sized quilt on…
Isn’t that a crime that I’ve never made her anything over a cot quilt and she’s been in a single bed for over half her life now!!
I’ve no idea if I’ve cut the right amount of triangles, or how many in total I actually need for a single quilt,
I just cut up a load of fabrics that I love and that I thought worked together.
Needless to say I’m a bit nervous to find out how my guestimate will work out tomorrow!!
I may half half the amount or I need, or have enough to make 2 quilts and a bunting,
But who needs a plan anyway… 
The main thing is that I think my creative mojo has come back.
I feel fresh, inspired and ready to sew.
Watch out world, because I’m back…!!

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  1. Wooohoooooooo! You are sewing. So excited. Happy to have you back but have enjoyed following the move and house refurbishing too. So nice for you to finally have some time to sew though.

  2. Love your new sewing space,and happy for your new home. I clicked on your tab about your faith, and must tell you it was just wonderful to read those Scriptures from a different version of the Bible that I don’t have. So lovely of you to share your faith, and your life with the quilting forum. I live in Midland, TX, but hoping to relocate soon to the Dallas area. Seeing your moving photos encourages me that things will settle down at some point. Above all, enjoy your sewing projects and keep sharing your photos to inspire others like me.

  3. Nice to see you sewing again! I am imagining a big pot of flowers growing at that door for you to enjoy as you sew, what a lovely thing to have a walk out basement.

  4. Yay for getting back into it! Have thoroughly enjoying reading about and watching your journey back to NZ and the house transformation! No doubt you guys will be feeling quite settled now! Looking forward to seeing your makings 🙂

  5. Your sewing space looks JUST RIGHT! Is that also your guest room?

    The fabrics you’ve picked for Abbie’s triangle quilt are so cheery & bright. I usually am working without a plan – which quite bugs my friends who feel they MUST use a pattern! LOL

    Welcome Back MOJO!!!


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