Packing stations are go… My pretties have all been packed.

This move is testing my faith a little I must say…
I had been feeling so optimistic that our May dates would work out and that God would provide, UP until Mr Flutter’s police checks took so darn long to arrive.
I started to lose the faith…

So yesterday, in a spurt of wisdom, I decided to change our flights until the end of June and push everything back a month so that everything wasn’t feeling so rushed and the visa had time to come through.
Then today, in true Murphy’s law style, the immigration rang to request one very easy-to-provide document that they hadn’t realised they needed until now. So I scanned and emailed it right to them and was told it would now be approved TOMORROW once that was received.
GAH. Seriously!
There went an unnecessary $240 change fee for changing my flights. Right at a time when money is more precious than ever.
There is a real faith lesson in this!

But then what to do, what to do? 
Do we stay another month or change my flights back to the original flights and go as originally scheduled?!
At first I thought it was obvious, just stick with the June dates. But the more I think about it the more I think that the $240 is worth paying again… Because you see we will be saving 4 weeks rent if I do, which is a considerable savings. Not to mention that the girls are all set in their heads for a May departure…

I had originally decided to stay another month to be able to spend more time with my friends before we go, since I’m finally finishing work on Friday and will now have more time to catch up. But the more I think about this the more I think this really only suits me, not my girls.
They are already starting to feel quite emotional about leaving. Twice this week Hannah has had a break down and shouted at me “I don’t WANT to more to New Zealand!!!” in a fit of hysterical tears. All because it has dawned on her that as exciting as it is, once we move she is not going to see her friends on a daily basis or have the same teacher etc. etc.
It is an awful lot for a not-quite-5 year old to take in!!
She has done exceptionally well up until now, but I think that the more boxes I pack the harder it gets for her… and I really can’t see adding another month of limbo to our move as helpful to her already tender heart!

*Sigh… I’m a bit over big decisions really….
Please can I order a big neat stack of small decisions?!
Decisions like, “should I wash my hair today?” or “what dressing would I like on my salad today?”  or “jeans or a skirt?” would suit me just fine thanks!!
No more of these “should we stay or should we go,” “should we spend over $2000 taking our dear dog with us?” (Eeeek I love her but that’s much more than all the human flights cost collectively!!) and
“Which mover should we use?” (when all of them are going to bankrupt us in any case…)
Then of course there is the living in a totally trashed, half packed house of limbo.

So watch this space….
 I’ll let you know what we decide in the next few days.
Much will depend on whether the movers can still accommodate the closer dates still I suppose…

I really can not wait to get to NZ, put my feet up and sip a glass of wine with my long time besties.
Bring on the rest and relaxation I say!

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  1. Could you call the airline and see if they would work with you? Maybe they would wave the fee the second time? I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe?

  2. We have moved many, many times – a couple of times internationally – and I so sympathize. It stinks & is crazy stressful. So here’s my 2big pieces of unsolicited advice….ASK FOR HELP (really, people don’t mind). And, make your best guess decision and then….DON’T SECOND-GUESS YOURSELF. It’s all going to work out in the end & you have friends and family to help. Plus, you’re going home!!! My kids don’t even remember half the moves (including at age 5) — and ended up loving the ones they protested the most.

  3. I did an international move once (well twice if you count there and then back again) – but it was just me and my little one room apartment – I can’t even imagine that angst amplified…. Hang in there – just take it one step at a time! You can do this!

  4. I agree with your first commenter – ask the airline if they can waive the cost of changing the flight again. I mean, they’re still getting all that money out of you so maybe they’d be willing to help you out. Hang in there … this too will pass. :o)

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