At the beginning of last week I got a great vision of what I wanted to make my scrappy swap partner for her little scrap inspired gift. But unfortunately, as excited as I was to make it, I wasn’t feeling up to making a start on it until a few days ago.
Talk about frustrating!

Then the other night a friend came over to sew, so while she used my sewing machine I made my start on my pouch by hand…
A little bit of Hexie sewing for my scrappy swap partner
Being that I’m not traditionally patient enough to hand sew, this is only the second time I’ve ever made hexies. The first time was in Tacha’s class at the FQ Retreat earlier this year. {which reminds me that I really must do something with those ones!)
I’m pretty confident in the making of the hexies, but when it actually came time to take the paper & basting stitches out and attach it to the foundation piece of my pouch I kinda got lost and just winged it I must admit.

In which case one of my hexies has the paper out & the rest I just left the paper in. {I didn’t like how unstable it was once I took the paper out and it’s a pouch so I figured it didn’t matter if paper was left in as it’s unlikely to be washed.}
So it’s probably not “the done thing” but shhhh don’t tell… 😉
Then this morning after ballet I made some fresh play dough for the kids…
Yes, sorted with a fresh batch of playdough... Time to go sew :)
Which then allowed me a few minutes to go and sew up my “vision” for the pouch for my partner…

Scrappy swap pouch finished…
{and kinda want to keep it if I’m honest.
But I won’t, cause it’s not for me}

Here is the other side…

And the inside…

No yardage was harmed in the making of this pouch, it was made 100% from scraps out of my freshly tidied scrap bin.
Actually I was just thinking that I can’t actually remember the last time I cut yardage for a project. So I really much remedy that pronto!!

Now I just need to pull some scraps out to send to her, purchase some local chocolate (that will be en route to the post office so it doesn’t get eaten 😉 ) and I’m ready to send.


On a completely other note, today was the day I was “supposed” to have a stall in a local fair for my business. But if you recall I recently changed my mind and decided I didn’t want to do markets this November after all.
Boy was that a great move and I’m soooooo glad I made that decision;
Check out the whether we had today…

Feeling really grateful right now that I decided not to have a stall in the fair today. It was WET!!

The girls and I decided to adorn gumboots (wellies), rain coats and brave the weather because I made a promise before I knew what the weather was doing & therefore their expectations of going to the fair were set. (The nice way of saying I was being nagged senseless until we went!)
But in all honesty it’s the first time my girls have EVER walked around in the rain anyway so it was kind of a neat experience for them – it just doesn’t rain much here to warrant that kind of thing.

Walking around voluntarily in it for a couple of hours was one thing, but having a stall would have been quite another and I’m super glad for the decision I made.

We came home dripping wet at 3pm, got into our pyjamas and snuggled in my bed watching a movie on pay to view.
And that was our Saturday.
Pretty ordinary but quite lovely.

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  1. You’ll just have to make yourself another pouch 🙂 I had to laugh when you said the kids have never walked in rain before… I so badly wants to live where you live. Here it’s rains a lot, so ‘gummistøvler’ (wellies) are just part of the everyday gear.

  2. Im glad you could make it to the fair! It was quite disheartening for the P&C to put in so much time and effort to organise such an event and to have it rain 2 years in a row! Fingers crossed next year is going to be gorgeous weather!

    I love that pouch too!

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