Happy Mother’s Day!!

    The front...

    The back
    Happy Mother’s Day if it is Mother’s Day where you are!

    Today I received my very first child-written card. What a happy moment!
    I’m sure she had some coaching (considering she’s still technically 3 and all) but I know she wrote it all herself.
    So proud!

    Izzy is my dog in case you are thinking maybe I’ve got a 3rd child hiding away that you didn’t know about.
    Sometimes she feels like a 3rd child though I tell you!

    I’ve been having a lovely relaxing day curled up in bed this afternoon with my crochet in front of a movie. Such decadence.
    Lets not speak of the crochet today though and ruin my mood.
    I’ll tell you all about it (and my 3 unsuccessful attempts to date) tomorrow instead…

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