Happy Birthday Princess Abbie!!!
For this week you turned 3…

“What would you like to do for your birthday?” I asked you last week…
“Ride on a horse” you answered…

I have NO idea where you got that idea from but I thought “Well, why not” and tried to make it happen for you.
So happen it did, and today you had a “pony party”.
You loved every minute of it – the smile never left your face once.
Until it was time for the horses to go away that is – then you were very sad and wanted to know why they were going away!

Abbie, you have grown into such a sweet girl. You are gentle and sensitive. Cheeky and free thinking.  Stubborn and determined. Smiley and at times shy. Energetic and busy. Independent.

**  You love all things animals. All things sweet. Light pink NOT dark pink thank you very much. To dress your own self at all costs. You love dancing and singing. Mainly music morning is your favourite day of the week.
**  You do not like thunder, or loud wind and rain. Or loud noises. Or spiders.
**  It makes you happy when you get to play outside. And run and climb and scoot. And when you get to sneak into my bed and snuggle into my side for the night.
**  It makes you sad when you think people are laughing at you. Or when your Daddy is away. Or when you don’t get your own way.

I will not know myself when you start Kindy this week.
– 3 whole days a week without my Abbie by my side…
I will miss you my dear!
But you will not miss me. You are very ready for Kindy. I know you will make friends quickly and have a ball there in your own space.

Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl. You enrich my life so much and I love you dearly.

Love Mummy

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