Yesterday our Miss Abbie turned 2 years old…

(Taken a few months ago)

Happy Birthday Miss Abbie!!!

Unfortunately she didn’t have the best start to the day, because she’s contracted {yet!} another virus from somewhere. So on top of recovering from Monday’s surgery it has all been proving a little too much for her little body and we ended up with {yet!} another late night trip to the emergency department. I will spare you the details but lets just say it wasn’t pretty.

But despite her feeling incredibly miserable, and an extremely sleepless night, we tried to make the best of the day…

Looking very glazed & barely awake for the day – poor thing!

Trying on new clothes from Great Granny…
“No Mummy – do self. Self!”

Trying out her new scooter for size… think she has a bit o f growing to do first though…

There was the traditional helium balloon surprise on her breakfast chair… this year a fish since Abbie loves fish.
Then there we took a brief trip into town to visit the animals at the pet shop, take a ride in “James Bond’s Car” and have a “special” lunch (aka special for the kids… not so appealing for the adults…). Of which she managed about 2 chips I might add…

That was about the extent she could manage for the day and that was really pushing the boat to be honest.

Thankfully she is starting to be a bit more perky today, although only with very strong pain killers still 🙁 We had to cancel our nice planned weekend away this weekend, so not the best way to spend her birthday really…


A few things about you at 2 Abbie:

  **  You LOVE to sing & dance
  **  You love the Wiggles, In the Night Garden, & and basically any singing programme
  **  You LOVE your monkey softy toy & carry it everywhere with you.
  **  You love playing on my phone/computer/iPad given half the chance & I have to make sure I don’t leave them around
  **  You are very loving
  **  You are very quiet & observant but VERY strong willed
  **  You are tough and have a high pain thresh hold
  **  In the last 2 months you have only managed to sleep through 4 nights in your own bed
  **  Understandable when we consider the fact you’ve been sick continually & are currently on your 6th course of antibiotics since May…
  **  In the last month you have had a high temperature approximately 40% of the time minimum
  **  For such a little person who tested with moderate hearing loss you have an astonishingly large vocubularly
  **  Your favourite foods are chocolate, corn thins, yoghurt, strawberries & mandarins/oranges
  **  You are surprisingly good at eating vegetables, although not as good at eating fruits. Especially dried fruits which you detest.
  **  You copy everything your sister does, words, actions, behaviour etc… It can be incredibly cute & incredibly frustrating for her (and me if it’s bad behaviour!)
  **  You have the concept of counting & your alphabet down pat, but you don’t actually do them in any order or anything yet.
  **  You continually show that you are very clever…

We are still waiting in anticipation for you to become healthy & happy again….
So may your 3rd year bring this & so much more!!!

Love you lots!


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  1. Happy birthday Abbie!! She is totally adorable and I love her doing the buttons. So sorry you have all been through the mill and wishing you no more DRAMAAAAA for a while!

  2. Oh what a sweet birthday girl! Hopefully she’ll feel better soon and get to celebrate more. And I like the “no mummy – do self. Self!”, sounds familiar except at our house it’s “Silas do it!” 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Happy birthday Abbie! Sorry you had to be feeling sick on your special day. I didn’t realise how close in age our littlest poppets are – mine was 2 in June. I totally get the what you’re going through, the independence & winter virus’ (except we haven’t had the ear problems to Abbie’s extent).

  4. Happy Birthday Abbie! Hope that this year brings you less trips to the doctor and more sleep – both for you and your mummy. Enjoy being two and developing that brilliant strong willed character of yours!

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