I love happy customers!
It’s always so touching when people take time out of their busy day to email or comment on how useful they’ve found my tutorial or pattern. It makes the hard work (and sometimes negative criticism) seem worth it. This week has been one such week and I feel very blessed.

One such comment this week really caught my eye…

“Hi Kat, I bought this pattern from Craftsy this morning and now with two little skirts made –  with matching applique  tops and little drawstring bags to go in  – I can tell you how much I love this pattern. Super easy and fast to make ( even without a serger) the end result is just adorable. I have one more to  whip up tomorrow and all my little nieces are taken care of for Xmas.  Now I am looking forward to your dress pattern !”

so I emailed Jenny a reply and asked if she would be willing to share some photos with me so that I could see what she had made.
Seriously how nice was that comment?!
I can tell you it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, it turned out Jenny was willing to share photos and I’m so pleased because look at these beauties…

customer image 1 customer image 2


Aren’t these just the cutest gifts?  I bet her nieces will be thrilled to bits to receive these for Christmas!

Jenny used my skirt pattern from here, my free applique pattern from here, and made up some draw string bags to put them into.
Loooove them!

If you would also like to make awesome gift sets for a little girl in your life then for your convenience I also have a free drawstring bag tutorial here.
Thank you again for your kind comment and great gift idea Jenny!

If you have made a project with one of my patterns and tutorials please feel free to email it through to me. I love to see pictures of people’s creations!

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