Goodbye 20's and Hello 30's...I had a great day. Thank you for everyone that helped make this day special!! #instacollage by Flutter from.Kat (Mummastimetocreate)

Tonight the fairy lights shone,
Sparkly shoes got an outing,
Bubbly was consumed,
Good food was indulged in &
The company of close friends enjoyed…
For today I changed decades.

Goodbye 20’s!
You have shown me a huge amount of change 20’s…
I went from newly married to an established wife & a Mum of 2.
We changed cities twice & countries once.
I feel like I finally started to learn who I was on your clock…

But hello 30’s!…
I look forward with anticipation to all that you have in store for me!


What a busy but fabulous day.
I have not stopped all day but it was worth it.

Tomorrow is for relaxing,
Seeing more of my family,
Making time to catch up on emails, Skype & phone calls.
And enjoying the lack of need to cook.

Breathing out now.
It’s time to rest my achy feet.

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  1. Oh bugger! Forgot again. Sorry!!! Glad you had a brilliant day. Photos look great. Think that your best birthday present imaginable came in the past week though. Enjoy the weekend and the family time to come. Happy, happy birthday you!

  2. Happy bday!! So, you’re also 1982… like me (it was good year, ha!!). I turned 3-0 in my… have to say, liked my 20s better so far (more debauchery back then, hahaha!!). Have a good day!!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday. Any day surrounded by family is a blessing, but to celebrate God’s decision to put you here at this particular time, well that’s just “the bees knees”. Love reading about your adventures in Perth. I’m from SA but living in Texas now. You are a little slice from home.

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