Right ok. Time to get serious…
Without further ado here are my personal goals for 2013, following the process I showed yesterday…

You’ll notice that I listed “get fit” as one of my goals, rather than “lose weight”. I’m so sick of focussing on losing weight. That mentality doesn’t work for me.
But I still need to do it.
So this year I thought I’d change the focus to be more getting fit.
As you know I strive to feed myself and my family a whole food diet. The main deal for me is maintaining that, making sure I do reasonable portion sizes and add more exercise. Then in theory it should happen without too much thought.
Oh yeah… and must.stop.gorging.on.sweet.foods!! 😉

Obviously I have other small goals/things/activities etc…. that I’m aiming to change and throughout the year. But I figure 5 main goals for the year is an achievable amount to review on a regular basis.

Now about reviewing…
Reviewing is so important!!!!
Especially for me – I am results focussed, so if I can’t see progress, then I get unmotivated quickly.
Not to mention I’m super forgetful and without prompt reminders will probably forget all about this in about 3 days time…
To help I’ve made the above into a picture so I can print it out and have a few copies in regularly viewed places around my home.
Then I’m going to set myself the target of reviewing quarterly.

I don’t want to try and do a big review too often. Because then it quickly becomes a chore, and also you can’t see enough progress to keep motivated.
But then I will need a prompt to remind me.
I’ve figured out an easy one –
in order to remember to review, and when it’s due, I’ve set up quarterly blog posts which I’ve set to draft.
These will then sit there in my dashboard, with the date they are due, ever so stubbornly reminding me to review.

And that is my plan.

I guess that begs the question –
Are you interested and willing to join me in this?

Go on, you know you want to!!

You only need 5 goals maximum.
They don’t need to be big… Start small and start achievable!
And they should all be something you can aim to finish/achieve this year, even though they might be working towards an even bigger plan/dream for your life.

So if you dare to dream with me, then feel free to say so…
I could do a linky party this week if there’s enough interest so we can all support each other in achieving our goals.
And remaining accountable.
And reviewing together (the 3 month reviews could also be a linky party)

Let me know if you wanna & I will set it up
But I’ll be going ahead and doing the reviews for me regardless

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  1. Awesome goals Kat! I’m so thankful that you are letting us “watch” you as you go through the year working on and achieving them 🙂

    We also got a Kinect for Christmas and my husband bought me a Zumba game for it. It’s awesome! I definitely recommend this as it will feed your dance goal as well! I’m hooked and WANT to do it daily.

  2. I think your goals are fantastic and definitely achievable. If you decided to make it a group thing, I would definitely join. I already posted a couple goals on my blog but I could easily expand them to make them more concrete like yours.

    Good luck getting your debt paid off! We’ve been making an effort to reduce our debt and all we have left are student loans. It has made ALL the difference in the world to not pay out all that money every month to creditors. It is SO freeing!!

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