Last week, just as I was in the middle of all my ‘goal stewing’, { probably a more accurate term for it than goal setting in this instance} I had an email from a lady called Allison at…
She couldn’t have possibly known how crazily on point her email was when she sent it,
but it really really was very ironically where I was at right then at that second.
 (Even to the point of me being in the middle of searching for online education courses as part of my goal setting… I’m not kidding either!!!)

Reading through her post titled “We suck at setting goals” made me laugh out loud with its blunt truth.
And it inspired me to shake my act up this year, stop stewing and just get on with it.

I encourage you to go back and read the associated post, but take a look at the graphic and see for yourself the message in it…

Setting Goals Infographic

Interesting huh.

I have step 1 relatively covered in that I’m already quite a goal setter.
But in general I feel that I’m pretty hopeless at seeing them through to completion (it’s the designer in me I think – design and move on to the next “project”…)
Despite even writing them down, that’s not enough for me and I still fail to see them through approximately 99.9% of the time,
and that part of me wants to change!!

And clearly, according to the statistics on the graphic, I’m not alone in my plight. Which is why I’ve decided to make this process public and invite you to join me…

So that’s why I want to take this a step further and formulate a way to help me make this happen for myself…
As well as making goals themselves written I also strongly believe it’s important to write a clear reason you want to achieve the goals. This makes it clear and tangible.
Then it is vital to formulate a written plan of how to achieve said goal.
Then, in the works of nike, go ahead and do it.

Then, I also believe it is imperative to install a review process and have some accountability.
Otherwise the tendency is to write this amazing plan, file it in a “safe place”, do it ok for a few hours/days/weeks/months but slowly fizzle out and go on with life as it was before because that’s why you know.
{Oh how I speak from personal experience!!}
Without a review process you simply cannot know where you are at in achieving your goals and have little to push your motivation to keep going.

So I want to build on Allison’s graphic and add to it my own graphic to illustrate the process I see in my head that will help me to succeed with my goals…
{although my graphic is not nearly as fancy!!}

Doing a series on goals...

So with that all in mind, I will be back tomorrow to share a few of my 2013 specific personal goals. Some big, some small…

In the meantime I invite you to think about what some of yours might be and whether or not you’d like to join me following this process towards achieving them.
Until tomorrow…

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  1. Love the goal setting list! Very well thought through. I definitely need to start applying Step 3 – I set lovely pretty goals, but sometimes fail to actually work out how they are going to happen in real life.

  2. I love this post. It all rings so true. I’m also a goal setter (I love New Year’s Resolutions). I do write them down but only have a semi-successful time completing them. I think my issue is failing to make a PLAN to complete my goals.

    I look forward to hearing more about your goals!

  3. I am a goal setting person…and currently I’m already in my third year of achieving my long term goal(5 year). I love to join you in the process towards achieving some of the short term goals(one year)if appropriate…your post really inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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