Happy Friday!

It would seem that from the comments & emails I’ve received, a few people are keen to join me this year in setting some personal goals, specific for 2013…
YAY I’m so excited that you are choosing to share this journey with me.
I can’t wait for us to work together to stay inspired and achieve our goals 🙂

So without further ado, if you are joining in then it would be great if you could link up your goals to this list. Then we can visit and support each other 🙂

I will leave this list open until October 1st 2013 – the beginning of the last quarter, so feel free to join any time if you are reading this later in the year.
Your goals don’t have to start from January the 1st, they can start from any date you like. But they are designed to be primarily short term goals, that you want to achieve fully or mostly achieve by the end of 2013.

I have scheduled review posts (and will make those linky parties) for the following dates:

First quarter review – 5th April 2013
Second quarter review – 5th July 2013
Third quarter review – 6th September 2013
2013 in final review – 3rd January 2014

So you might want to diary those if you want, so that you know the dates we’ll be reviewing our progress.

Feel free to share the button on your blog to encourage others to join with us also. I’ll pop it on my sidebar for you to grab the code, or you can simply save & use my picture in this post. Just make sure you link it back to here…

And lets go have a fantastic year of achieving our goals 🙂

PS If you are new to the goal series, you can read the intro here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here

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