Welcome to second giveaway in my giveaway week…
If you missed the first click over to here.

Today I’m giving away a 5 inch purse frame 
{because I figured you’d be wanting a purse frame so that you can follow my upcoming purse frame tutorial 😉 }
and once again there will be a surprise accompanying it to your mailbox also.

The giveaway is for the empty purse frame only, not the made up purse.
That’s there to demonstrate what a finished one looks like.

Today entry there are two possible entries available…

1. Leave me a comment telling me which posts I write that you get the most value from/enjoy the most and
2. Share about my giveaway week to your friends and let me know about it. You can do this over on your blog, facebook, instagram, tweet it, whatever.

Tomorrow’s the big one…. I will be releasing my new pattern and the word on the street is that the giveaway is a good one!

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  1. I have to say I enjoy all your posts but of course I love to see what your sewing. You are so incredibly talented I get excited to see what you are up to!! BUT I am about to take on a house project similar to yours so I am sure you will continue to be an inspiration!!

  2. I actually like all of your posts – it’s fun when you mix ’em up. I’ve enjoyed getting to see the girls grow up & watching the new home get freshened up…and all of your quilting/crafting/sewing too!

  3. i loved watching the house progress but i like the quilty posts too. can’t wait for the tutorial. of course, winning the frame would be the icing on the cake.

  4. I like all your posts but I especially enjoy the posts about your wee girls. They remind me so much of mine at that age. Enjoy them when they’re young – they’ll leave home soon enough! :o)

  5. If I’m being totally honest I’ve loved your home improvement posts the most 🙂 But I also only stared following during your sewing drought. I’m excited to see what your blog looks like with lots of sewing to share!

  6. I do have to admit to loving your tutorials the most.

    Also, I know when your children are older, they will be thrilled that you have done such a wonderful job keeping up with their posts as you have been on things they are doing or have done. So many start something like that and then stop doing it for whatever reason. I love that you have continued doing that for your children. I hope you are saving those as a backup (I’m sure you are with the knowledge about blogging that you have) or have you thought about printing the posts out in a book for each one by year possibly?

  7. I like reading all your posts because of your complete honesty. I haven’t been visiting as often as I used to but now that you are linked thru IG I find I am popping over for a catch up. I love to see what you are creating and where your journey is taking you 🙂

  8. Asking me to choose is like picking between your children, (not mine, I don’t like mine!)!. I have loved seeing your house becoming ‘yours’, and always like a sewing tute or two xxx

  9. I have really enjoyed your posts about renovating your house following your move back to NZ. This is something I am planning to do in four years time. Sorry about the curtain problems – possibly a different white curtain in each room that suits the wall colour and light might solve your problems.
    I also use your tutorials. I have just made some scrappy log cabin blocks having been inspired by your tutorial and love the way they turned out. Thanks. 🙂

  10. I just love catching up with my friend (and sewing mentor ;-p) Kat – especially now that she’s in the same country as me- yay!
    If I HAD to choose then I’d probably say any fabric related posts are my favourite, but there’s not much in it!

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