It’s been another eventful week in this house with the kids health…
This time it is Abbie again and it unfortunately looks like this problem is not so quick & easy to solve 🙁
We have been in and out of hospital with her since Monday & either to the hospital or the doctor every day this week… Poor Abbie has a terrible ear ache and it looks like this has been an ongoing pain issue for her since at least the beginning of May if not longer.

At this stage it looks very probable that she has some fluid in her middle ear that is causing continuous infection which is unlikely to be able to be resolved without surgery.

It now ALL makes sense…. The 4 courses of antibiotics since May for reoccurring ear infections, the fact she screamed blue murder all the way to England on the plane, the fact we’ve only had 3 full nights sleep since May without her sleeping with me and finally her overall on and off extreme grumpiness for ‘no apparent reason.’

To cut a very long story short we are finally seeing a specialist this afternoon to discuss where to from here… so far the advice from the hospital staff has all been that surgery is pretty inevitable and that she will also more than likely need to be on continual antibiotics until that happens.
But we will reserve judgement until the specialist has seen her and made that call…

So please think of her (and us) in your prayers as this all goes on.
It has been a grueling week but I’m just pleased that we are on our way to finally getting some answers!


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  1. Oh Kat, what a long drawn out nightmare. And your poor sweet Abbie (yes, I know she’s a monkey but I saw that face in London and it is so loveable!). I hope that it is all resolved very soon and that things can get back to ‘normal’ again.

  2. Kat I hope the little darling is able to be helped soon and get back to her usual lovable self. It’s hard on everyone when the littlies are out of sorts, all the best..

  3. Poor Abbie! By surgery do you mean grommets? I know a couple of kids that have had them and the parents have no regrets. Good luck, it will be nice to have a happy settled girl again.


  4. I bet, like most mums, you’re wishing it was you who was suffering and not Abbie. It’s hard being a mum, isn’t it?

    I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon – is that now for you? I hope you get some answers and a solution that works.

  5. Fingers crossed Kat…. My oldest had the same issues except that he didn’t never had a fever so we only knew when his eardrum bursted. He had tubes put in and it wasnt bad at all. By the time he was 6 they had fallen out and he had outgrown the problem.

  6. I feel so bad for your little sweetie and know what that is like. I agree with getting the tubes. It has been a godsend for my tiny priness. No more infections and much better hearing. Happier all around.

  7. poor you, poor Abbie, I meant to reply to your email the other day but ran out of time. Fingers crossed there is a suitable option for resolving this for you both. I was at the hospital today with Eloise due to pressure in her middle ear, luckily we are being called back in 6 months to decide if she needs grommits, in the mean time she is not suffering thankfully. Thinking of you all xx

  8. Sending out some hugs and prayers for you guys! We’re no stranger to ear issues here. Although Allie didn’t have ear infections, she was born with hearing loss – so we’ve been through it all. Her official diagnosis was made while she was sedated during the same “surgery” as is used to drain fluid and insert ear tubes. While she didn’t get tubes, she had the incision they do for it. Be reassured that it will probably go very smoothly. Allie was about 2.5 months at the time and it was hard to imagine her going through surgery, but she was so good through the whole thing, hope your experience is similar. Hope everything is resolved soon for you guys!!

  9. Oh no, little Abbie! At least you finally have a path ahead. Keep your spirits up. Things will be better for your both in the very near future!

  10. My little one (now 14 and taller than me) had tubes put into ears at age 20 months. It absolutely made all the difference in the world. I’m glad you are going to a specialist. I cringe with you as your little one cries in pain. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  11. OMIGoodness this breaks my heart. My youngest went thru this for over a year. Earache, antibiotics, back to the doctor for a checkup and the infection still there so…….another round. FINALLY we had a tube put in her ear and WHOOSHHHHHHHHHHH. She is now 18 and hasn’t had an earache in 16+ years…and a beautiful, healthy adult. GOOD LUCK.

  12. Hopefully things can be resolved soon and you won’t have to wait too long to find out what they can do.

    Sending best wishes and positive vibes =D

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