Haha the FUNC has come to (briefly) visit.

The F.U.N.C has been having a little bit of a longer visit in Perth with us than I anticipated he would when he  first arrived.
{No idea who the F.U.N.C is? You might like to read this post first. Go on, we’ll wait…}
He seems to quite like it here.
But then again, who wouldn’t like to hang with us in sunny Perth 😉 haha…

Over his 2 week stay he’s been a good little buddy of mine in my sewing studio,
Often sitting next to my machine and keeping me company while I work…

I think he may have got a bit overwhelmed at first though, and not known what hit him when he arrived and I was in the throes of market preparation! But luckily for him he didn’t get flooded or blown away at market and he has survived to tell of the adventure…
Probably even more lucky for him was that I don’t handsew, so he was never in danger of being poked and prodded with sharp needles in this house!

After that adventure we all needed some down time and Easter school holidays couldn’t have come at a better time!…

First he helped us eat our Easter eggs.
Here is is trying to help Abbie eat hers…

Only I don’t think Abbie was that impressed with that idea – you don’t get between Abbie & chocolate.
It’s just not safe to! LOL

Luckily they moved on from that little dispute quickly and here he is having a bunch of fun with us…

At the park yesterday sharing a picnic with us.

He kinda blends in well to our new picnic blanket doesn’t he. But I assure you, look hard and he’s there.  Here we are trying the new blanket out for size together on a Mothers Group picnic  yesterday and I hadn’t even put the binding on it.
Every one decided it works well, binding or no binding!

There’s also been a lot of blobbing in our pj’s watching movies together…

Hannah & the F.U.N.C are indeed snuggled around 2 different quilts in this photo. That would be Hannah’s influence – she’d claim every quilt in the house if she could!
{but if you look closely in this shot you’ll note that I’ve finished the binding of rainbow starburst. That must mean a big reveal is coming soon Yeee haaaaa!!! 😉 }

After movie time it was time for Abbie & the F.U.N.C to have fun playing music together…

Sorry if I’ve made him deaf Rhonda! This is unfortunately quite a noisy house.

And that just about brings us to the end of F.U.N.Cs holiday with us. It’s been a pretty lazy and unexciting one really, but we’ve had some “quality time” together instead 😉 Now it’s time for him to leave in the fashion he arrived – all tucked up comfortably (?) in a padded envelope…

Thanks for the visit F.U.N.C, we enjoyed having you visit!
{Even if it did make me snort out loud in the middle of the shopping mall like a crazy person.}

But where will you be visiting next, that is the big question! 😉

Read about the F.U.N.Cs full history and journey here.

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  1. You were a great hostess! Such fun he has had! I am sure his hearing is fine. If he can withstand your snorts I am sure he can handle your daughters lovely music. Thanks for having fun with him!

  2. Ha ha! Wondered where he’d shipped himself off to, had way too mcuh fun at your house he’d be bored silly here, and I’d stick pins in him! At least it would be peaceful! Susan has a point about the retreat though, imagine the horror he could inflict there! 🙂

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