Back in mid December I decided to really splash out and purchase myself a ruffler foot for big Brother.

I’d had one in mind for a while, but they are not cheap things so it took me a while to finally make the decision to get one and order it. So then what happened? My ruffler foot went and arrived while Big Brother was broken of course… so typical!
Cue the madness of Christmas.
Cue me being a big chicken about trying it out once I got Big Brother back from Mr Fixit.
Cue the ruffler foot sitting in my drawer for another month not doing anything….
A very expensive decoration!!
So a month down the track and this week I decided it was time to break that baby out of it’s packaging and try it out. 
And can I just say – 
Oh what fun!!
Trouble was, I had no idea what to do with the ruffles! No projects in mind that I knew how to make that is. And I have been just too tired to make something up and experiment. So I splashed out again last night and bought a pattern off etsy. 
That’s quite a big deal for me – I almost NEVER buy or use patterns! Despite the fact that apparently I’m not bad at writing them myself, I am h.o.p.e.l.e.s.s at following other peoples!!
But I bought a pattern. And I followed it. To the letter!
And quite frankly I hated it! LOL… 
– Talk about fiddly and a pain in the neck. Not to mention a huge use & waste of fabric if you ask me! (I am so frugal when it comes to fabric!)
Anyway this was the result of the pattern skirt…
Seriously – please don’t look too close – it is dodgy dodgy sewing on my part! I’m sure it’s operator error but I’m not going to name the pattern just in case because personally I think there are lots easier ways to achieve a similar result.
I can’t see myself having a second go just to find out if the result is the same the second time anyway…
But the good thing about spending that money on a frustrating pattern is that at least it gave me the focus to make something with ruffles, and go on to make some of my own designs…

How stinkin cute are ruffles?! 
I have to say that I am in LOVE with them!
So in love that in no time at all I had make 6 skirts for my shop (in about the time it took me to make the 1 from the pattern but lets not go there…)
You can view all 6 in my Facebook shop & they’ll be listed in my store tomorrow when I get some better photos.
Needless to say, I suspect you will be seeing a lot more ruffles from now on – now I have so many more ideas 🙂
Have you ever tried a ruffler foot? Oh my it’s the coolest foot I own – so so fascinating to watch!
Worth every cent in my humble opinion. (and no I don’t get paid to say that 😉 )

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  1. OMG you make me laugh. And your two sweeties are the best models ever! Glad you got some results you were happy with. I’m just sitting here in a mess of fabric ignoring the world. It’s a good place to be!

  2. Oh I’ve wanted one of these for AAAAGES, and held out til Christmas, then spent the Christmas money on fabric lol Oh well, February and March are free council tax months, maybe I’ll splash out then :oD

  3. Those models you ‘hire’ are just the cutest little things ! Move over Kate Moss et al!

    Sorry what am I supposed to be looking at? – oh yes the skirts are kind of cute too!

    Everything with ruffles then Kat!?

  4. Your daughter is so stinkin’ cute! I don’t have a ruffle foot, but I do have a secondhand serger I’ve had over 2 years I’ve never used once. It’s a pity.

  5. No, never had a ruffle foot. Industrial overlockers ( sergers) have them, but my elderly Riccar does not.

    they must make some projects so easy!

    lovely girly skirts on your little stars

  6. Cute skirts Kat 🙂
    I have never used a ruffle foot, didn’t even know such a thing existed but having said that I have made heaps of ruffled things in my time…they are really quite easy.


  7. I didnt know I needed one of these until you mentioned it and I saw how cute your ruffles were….so I just spent 20 minutes checking them out for my machine.

    Guess what I’m going to get tomorrow….

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