Noun 1: Frustration –  the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

                                  – defeat
                                 – disappointmentletdown – a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized; “his hopes were so high he was doomed to disappointment” 

                       – the feeling that accompanies finding out that your husband can NOT in fact finish his apprenticeship in February, as indicated, but now has to wait until at LEAST MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frustration may in fact be an understatement for what I’m feeling right now.

Rip roaringly, eye poppingly MAD is possibly a more accurate description….

As my friends know, it has taken every ounce of strength in me to put up with Mr Flutter working away this last year. It has only been with my eyes set firmly on him finishing his apprenticeship in February that I’ve been able to get through.

But no.

Just as I suspected, there has been another delay… Because his work scheduled him on a job as a tradesman last year, not an apprentice, and double booked him so that he had to miss his final block of his Uni study, he now cannot finish in February because there is an overlap of ONE DAY between his catch up Uni study finishing and the Capstone exam starting.

One day standing between us and freedom.
One {insert rude word at your discretion} day!!


So I am rather mad.
Mad, mad, mad and frustrated.

And now I somehow have to find the strength to put up with at least another 3 if not more long swings of him working away.


I know I can do it.
I just don’t want to have to.
I want him to have some options to choose something better for our family!

Luckily I know that I have Devine strength to pull from to get us through.
I’m sure it will become apparent at some stage why this is all happening.
But right now I don’t like it one bit, I don’t understand and I’m still cross!

Oh and of course this news come right after we just enjoyed an extravagant holiday all the while thinking that Neil was now permanently on tradesmen rates and we wouldn’t need that to live on in a few months time didn’t it…
Extra joy!

So just in case I didn’t wake up in enough of a bad mood this morning after Hannah woke me up at 2.30am and I couldn’t sleep after that, I sure am properly grumpy now.

Bet you’re glad you’re not around me today!
Just sayin…

Sorry to rant at you!
I’ll be back in a more cheerful way tomorrow with a tutorial for you all.
It’s pre-written already so that’s a promise 😉

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  1. Oh no, what an absolute pain in the bum! Have a good ol’ grump about it today, I think any of us would, tomorrow is a new day.

    These things happen for a reason, I’m sure there will be some fantastic opportunities waiting for your husband in May.

    You have your trip to London to look forward to when your feeling a bit down, hopefully that will cheer you up.

  2. Oh poo!!!! Haven’t they messed him around enough?! Why can’t he miss one freaking day of uni and go straight into the exam? Why?! Thinking lots of rude words on your behalf here. So rant away – no need to bottle these things up. Huge virtual hug coming your way.

  3. Definitely sympathize with you here – the Army has pulled a few last-minute, life-changing upsets on us. Often, something positive happens out of it and I end up being glad (months down the road) — hope that happens to you, too. I’m glad you went on holiday BEFORE you found this out — or maybe you would have been practical and cancelled?? Instead you got a little breather before you slug out the last few months!

  4. Well I think that is rather dreadful! But please know that you have a huge group of friends from around the world who love and will support you the best way we know how! I’m sending you lots of love and light your way!!!

  5. Oh goodness, I know exactly how you feel. My husband’s work requires him to travel overseas for months at a time. Almost every time he is scheduled to come home, his office manages to stretch it out somehow. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. Oh poo! It just makes you angier when you know it’s only one day holding you back! Poor Neil, I bet he was annoyed as well!

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed your holiday together though, might help pull you though those extra stints remembering the lovely time you had!


  7. I understand your frustration and it is a pain for you to have to change your plans suddenly and get your head around that.

    On the positive side your husband is employed and has a job and it sounds like his prospects for employment when he does officially qualify are good.

    13 weeks- you just have to get through another 13 weeks. You can do it!

  8. Oh honey! I am so sorry! I am sure Mr Flutter is as frustrated. I too know you guys can make it through this and in a year’s time it won’t matter….it’s just that right now you’re so disappointed. I’m so sorry. 🙁

  9. Oh geez, how horrible. I can sense the anger you have through your post and you are MUCH better than I as I would not have blanked out that bad word! Nope. I would have typed it fully and may have just typed that bad word and nothing more than that. LOL Then after some wine – yep for breakfast today- then I’d have come back to explain more.

    Ok maybe I would have waited until 11:59am when it can be considered proper to consume wine and not be put into that classification of a drunk. LOL

    How horrible for you though. I would have been just as mad as you are and probably will be for quite awhile. I’m SO sorry for you. BIG HUGS!

  10. HI Kat
    What a bummer. You will do it though as you know you can. You are allowed to feel bummed for one day, but then, life will go on.

    Now you are not allowed to feel ‘holiday guilt’. The holiday is probably what will give you the strength to get through the next few months. We can’t erase it so you need to remember it positively as it was so good for you.

    If I lived closer, I would be on my way with coffee and something ‘naughty’ from the bakery to cheer you up, but as we are an entire nation apart please go and make yourself a cuppa.


  11. So sorry to hear that Kat, I can understand why you are frustrated. Can relate totally to that as BP’s dad was in the army and we learned to never ever bank on something happening until it actually happened.

  12. Its not ever easy and at times its frustrating and dam hard. I speak with many years of experience with a spouse that worked a 8 week on,2 off roster (which was out of the country to boot haha). Wont bore you with the similarity of your story to mine but as hard as it seems there is a reason and things will fall into place. I have lived by the motto…Nothing is ever by chance 🙂

  13. Sprry to hear your this, I know how you feel, my husband works away from home too, only temporarily, as we are waiting for our house to sell and then we can move to be with him, its the first time in 20 years of marriage we have been apart, I hate it, but until the house sells there is nothing I can do about it, I just feel like I am in limbo and our life cannot move forward until then so HUGS to you.

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