Living across the road from a freshwater lake and bird sanctuary has it’s perks!…
For example; 
we have a beautiful walk at our fingertips,
we get to watch some phenomenal bird life,
it means we don’t have many direct neighbours,
and I get a nice little view out of my kitchen window!
And it’s a big but,
At the beginning of Autumn every year we get a LOT of frog activity at our house –
and it kind of drives me insane!
Take 4am this morning for example:
Instagrammed this morning. I’m Flutter_Kat if you haven’t yet found me on there…

I may or may not have been a little grumpy at nature for making me sleep deprived at the time of posting that!

Most of the varieties of frogs that we have at our house (and there are quite a few in all different shapes and sizes!) are harmless and don’t bother me.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like having to chase them down my hall and catch them when they somehow sneak into the house and trespass, or sweep up the dead ones that seem to appear from somewhere every morning, but they don’t pose a serious risk to my sanity.

These pesky brats on the other hand I could do without:

Ahhh yes, the charming motorbike frog
(**  Well that’s who everyone here blames the noise on, but when I read all the descriptions of the noises on the website it sounds more like the noise is coming from moaning frogs… – anyway since it’s only motorbike frogs we see, I’m going to blame them too…)

Lets zoom out a bit shall we and assess how many we have lurking in our garden…

Look closely and you will see at least 7 in just that little space.
There are many many more lurking in the rest of the garden, under my rubbish bins, and out the front.
But it’s the ones right outside my bedroom window that bother me the most. Gah.

You see, the thing you have to know about motorbike frogs is that they are L.O.U.D.
They riburt in a monotonous ongoing sequence literally from the time that the sun goes down, right until the sun comes up again.
Much like this:
Riburt…. pause… riburt…. pause…. riburt…. pause…. riburt….
and so on.
And they talk to each other. So one will go, then another across the lake will answer.
We have a little chorus going on right now from one side of the lake to the other,
And over.

The very fact I am writing about something as crazy as frogs on my blog, is testament to how insane these little delights are sending me.
Most nights I have to turn the TV up if I’m watching something,
And weeks like this where I am struggling with another migraine, the ones outside my bedroom window get right into my head and make me want to pull my brains out with a hook.
Because I.need.sleep!
*said in imitation of my 2 year olds whingiest voice going.
Pretty, pretty please frogs could you shoosh so I can get some sleep?!

So there you go, I just thought I’d share that little joy of the season with you…
It’s one of the very few things about living here that I won’t miss!!

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  1. Tell you what, I’ll send you our bloody seagulls, and they can take care of the frogs, then both our problems are solved. Well, they will be when you pass the seagulls on to someone else, they’re noisy buggers!

  2. How is it that I did not know there were frogs in the area? I would love to show them to Kaizer. We had cane toads in Brisbane, they are awful and toxic too. I think aside from the noise I could cope with frogs quite well 😉

  3. Oh cute! I posted a pic of a frog on my blog today too. I’m really happy to see frogs in my garden as they are a bit of a barometer for environmental health (but maybe not mental health!) And we don’t have near enough to keep me awake. Earplugs perhaps?

  4. Oh dear. Reminds me a few years at my house. No frogs. Our neighbor had a wood shingled roof that was older. Still good mind you, but what happens with age where we are is the ends lift and curl. They evidently made the perfect breeding/ nesting/roost for an Entire flock is birds. I sleep through a lot: thunderstorms, trains, construction crews in the bedroom next to mine with sledge hammers. But those confounded birds were the worst!! So so loud and raucous. The pitch of the squawks and the decibel and how they loved to start in the middle of the night and keep going until about 11am. Right outside my window, which was level with their roof. It really does drive one a bit batty. Good news is the neighbors replaced the roof last year so there were no birds. Just hoping there are none this year either. I wish you luck and sleep. Sending kind sympathetic thoughts 🙂

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