Well, I’m a bit at a loss for words really. And let’s be frank- that’s not usually a problem for me!
But it’s all just so big and overwhelming, and where do I start!?

I’ve met loads. And loads. And loads of great people.
I’ve learned cool stuff at 2 great classes.
I’ve smiled for cameras until my face hurt.
I’ve swapped some great goodies!
I’ve been blessed with a great goodie bag!
Wine has been consumed…
I’ve worried a bit too… I’m actually pretty shy and quiet in real life. Especially when I’m tired which I have been thanks to littlest Flutter and her 3am starts. So am I living up to people’s expectations?…

But I’m having an AMAZING time. I can’t wait to show and tell about it properly when I get home.

If you’re here and we haven’t met yet then do introduce yourself 🙂

Just off to shower and get ready for Day 2…

Kat xx

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you Kat. Yesterday was so busy and overwhelming but you didnt come across as the shy retiring type at all! enjoy day 2, I am back at home now 🙁

  2. Don’t second guess yourself! I do that too. It’s negative energy. Do the best you can with the circumstances you have. Your little munchkin needs you. We love you online so these folks will too!

  3. I think I met you passing by and saying hi, such a shame there isn’t enough time to really chat in depth with everybody in a weekend, maybe next year? 🙂 You are right though, it was great!!

  4. So wonderful to have met you Kat & that beautiful wee lady of yours :)just sad we didn’t get to spend some more time together…
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the trip

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