Wow I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now!!
My archive spans 4 calendar years. Amazing!

3 years – nearly 600 posts – nearly 500,000 hits.
What a journey!

If I’m honest the last 18 months of the blog journey have been tough.
I’m sure that’s been obvious to everyone since my posts became less and less frequent.

Since I haven’t really been sewing in 18 months and totally lost my mojo that didn’t leave me much other than myself and family to talk about.
To be honest I really struggled with that!

So if you are still here and reading (and commenting) then thank so much for that!!
Many times I’ve wondered about whether to give up my blog all together and questioned why I keep it.
But I could just never bring myself to give up!

The truth of the matter is that keeping my diary publicly makes me keep it.
(I doubt I would be so diligent at keeping one otherwise.)
I love looking back on my growth as a crafter, person and us as a family.
And I love the connection it brings with people.

So despite the struggle I tried to persevere on.

This year we said goodbye to Perth, Australia…

And Hello Wellington, New Zealand…

Ever since we’ve moved back home to New Zealand and moved into our “forever home” I’ve started to feel that bubble of inspiration back again.
Well more like a waterfall actually
– I’m having trouble reigning in the inspiration and deciding what to do with it all,
And I love it.
I love love l.o.v.e feeling so fresh and inspired once more!!

I suspect it comes from the fact that I’m no longer restless.
That word… it’s the key to it all really….
I’m no longer planning and anticipating something that feels so far off but I want to happen NOW.
Feeling stuck, frustrated and isolated.

It’s not that I didn’t love Perth. I did – I really did!
But all along my heart wanted to be in New Zealand with my family.

Now I’m finally there – the place I’ve been longing for.
And I’m lapping it up every.minute!!!
In short – I’m content.

So I’ve decided to give my blog another fresh new look, now that I actually have some new current projects to display.
I’ve also come up with a fresh new schedule of posts and plan for my blogging now that I have a little more time to keep it up…

I feel inspired and I hope to share a little of that with you!

So things will be changing around here.
Hopefully you will all agree that they will be for the better.
You can expect much of the same, but just more of it.

I’m also going to start back sharing what I learn in a new “Share it Saturday” teaching slot. I really enjoy sharing how to do things and writing patterns, so that is taking a big place in my refocus.
I really would like this page to grow…

The new blogging plan is:

Monday:        Whatever I want, or nothing
Tuesday:        Tuesday Tidbits – random snippets of what’s going on with life here.
Wednesday:    Work In Progress Wednesday – Progress of any long term projects if there is any.
Thursday:       Inspiration from my Kitchen – A recipe weekly (yes don’t die of shock friends – but I cook now)
Friday:            My Creative space – photos of whatever I’m currently working on if there is anything
Saturday:        Share it Saturday” – a new segment where I share a tutorial or information on how I made something.
Sunday:           My ??/52 weekly photo diary of the children.

Yes that’s almost a commitment everyday.
I’m ready for the challenge.

Some of the tutorials that are coming are:
**  the binding tutorial I’ve been promising for goodness knows how long
**  how to draft your own clasp purse pattern
**  html stuff for bloggers
**  possibly some DIY stuff
and more

Not to mention that I’ve got one new pattern to release this week and one to release in the next month.
Exciting times!!


To say thank you for persevering with my slack mojo,  celebrate my relaunch into blogging and my Flutter from.Kat business I’ve decided to host a week of giveaways:

Each day over the next week I will be giving away something small that I will show you
AND something mysterious…
It will be a surprise for the winner when it turns up in their mailbox, because well who doesn’t like surprises!

Today’s giveaway is:

Two Denyse Schmidt fat quarters in my favourite colour – blue of course.
And ???!!! You’ll find out if you are the winner.

Feel free to pinch my photo to use to link back to me – no problem!

You can have up to 9 entries as you wish.
To enter  just decide which of the following list to do and leave a comment for each one…

**  Leave a comment telling me what tutorials you’d love me to show you
**  Follow me on Google Friend Connect
**  Follow me via email
**  Follow me on Bloglovin
**  Follow me on Instagram
**  “Like” me on Facebook
**  Share my Giveaway on your Blog, Instagram or Facebook Page (1 entry for each share).

I will announce close all the giveaways and the giveaway winners next Saturday pm NZ time.

So really, thank you. I appreciate you guys taking the time to read and support me!!

Good luck in the Giveaways!!

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  1. Awesome Kat! Yay for being committed and feeling the love! Very inspiring 🙂 I am super keen to see the clasp purse tutorial as I’ve been wanting to try this for ages!

  2. I am so glad to see you getting settled and back into your business. I only need one entry into your lovely give away but I do follow you on bloglivin and in my feedly reader, and on instagram too. I am looking forward to reading your new tutorials, I have no particular ones in mind.

  3. Congratulations! I am so glad you found your motivation. Your new blog looks so fresh.
    What I wanted to know? I want to know how the back of a pillow looks like. Exactly! How does it look on the inside. I am always thinking about how others do it. How do you hide all the seams and give it a good structure?

  4. Big welcome back, I’ve not left, I’ve been reading… rather envious of your amazing move, the fact that you did it, and OMFG the transformation of your house in such a short space of time was just incredible.

  5. Hmmm, love the clasp purse tutorial idea, but I’d love to see a tutorial for a simple girls dress too.

    I shared news of your giveaway on fb.

    Liked you on Facebook before it was set yp properly.

    Always get notifications of your new blog posts through Bloglovin. It’s such a handy little tool!

    Oh, & so glad to see you back! 🙂

  6. Wow, this will all be so exciting. I really am looking forward to seeing your work more and also recipes as I love to cook. I like to see bag tutorials and scrappy quilt patterns. Thanks for a fun giveaway too.

  7. Hi there
    A tutorial inserting an invisible zip into a cushion back would be great. Looking forward to the clasp purse tutorial.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I hope the contest extends to America! I would love to find out more about making the metal frame purse, but I also love learning about sewing just about any fun thing for the house.

  9. Glad to see you coming back and finding your voice again. I hope you find the balance you’re hoping for Kat.

    I will be watching for the tutorial on how to draft your own clutch purse pattern for sure.

    What other tutorial I’d love to see is one I’ve been looking to find. My husband has a Samsung Galaxy Transformer Prime Tablet and I want to make a securely padded sleeve for that tablet. I asked what he wanted one day so I could keep my eye out for one I could buy him but really wanted input to make one as I have some fabric sitting here purchased to make something for him. He wants one that he can slide the tablet in from the end lengthwise which has a flap coming over the top to secure it inside with a Velcro closure. I’d love to find one which has a pocket to hold the power cord with the tablet as well that maybe expands out a bit so it isn’t pushing against the tablet inside. I’ve seen many tutorials for tablets but they are always for iPads or other things. I am not good at changing dimensions at all on a project which is why I still am searching.

    I know that’s a request/idea that may not be something others are looking for, but I figured since you asked I’d put it out there. I know that the whole world doesn’t just have iPads ya know, but that’s always what I seem to find in all my searches. 🙁 lol

  10. I would enjoy a tutorial on other ways to bind besides mitering (which I cannot do tidily no matter how many tutorials I read.- there must be other ways!)

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