Despite the fact I kept Abbie home from Kindy today with the sniffles I actually managed to do some sewing for the first time in m.o.n.t.h.s and play catch up on bee blocks for my stash bee hive 8.
(Probably because I couldn’t go to the gym with Abbie home so I actually had time at home when I wasn’t in bed for a change!)

March was Leonie’s month and she chose this 9 patch and economy block combo –

March stashbee block


Her brief was bright and scrappy, so I think I’ve definitely nailed that side of things. It certainly is bright, but I really love how it’s turned out. Hopefully she won’t mind that it’s better late than never…

April was Melissa’s choice –

April stashbee block


Her brief was a scrappy, bright scrappy trip around the world block. I can see why this block took off so much on Flickr & Instagram, because it is super quick and fun to make!

I think these two blocks play really nicely together, even if they are not going to the same person. Maybe I might use them for my next bee block choice. Food for thought!

stashbee blocks


(That hedgehog up there is in the shot for a reason – I’ve been asked to make one similar by someone who collects hedgehogs. She gifts a hedgehog to each of her new grandchildren and has one due in May. Hmmm no pressure or anything. That will be something way outside my usual!)

Back in February March I also made a block for Anna which I neglected to show you –

feb stashbee block


Now those are all caught up maybe I might actually work on one of my WIP quilts. It must be about time to finish Abbie’s quilt for her, since I finished the actual quilt top over 6 months ago and it only needs assembling!!
We shall see.

Blog ending

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  1. So nice you got time to sew, it seems impossible sometimes to fit it all in doesn’t it. When I get time from the kids I’m torn between going for a run or sewing, why can’t there be enough time for both?!

  2. The blocks are gorgeous! You really chose brilliant fabrics and the colors are stunning. Need to catch up as well ;(

  3. I love that last block!! It’s gorgeous! Good luck getting the quilt finished! I too have one I need to buckle down and finish. The top is done, I have the batting and backing, but I haven’t basted it.

  4. Such fun, bright blocks! I seem to be about a month behind on my challenges for my quilt guild myself – oh well, better late than never, right? Right!
    Take care of yourself!

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