For the last couple of years, I have been growing increasingly frustrated at my lemon of a laptop… Not only does it take about 25 minutes to power up, but it seemed to literally take 5 minutes to decide to do ANYTHING. Then just as I would finally feel like I was getting somewhere (assuming I had not given up and walked away already), boom, it would die on me. I’m not even exaggerating. I only wish I was.

Now, my laptop should have had power. It should not have been a lemon. But a lemon it was. By the time I now had a faulty USB port, a faulty DVD drive, a very temperamental tantrum inducing hard drive, to the point I couldn’t even send emails without wanting to stab my eye out in frustration, I finally had to accept that I was going to have to part with money if I wanted to do anything workable from home.

Last weekend I nearly did it. But I chickened out. Spending money on a new computer was just not at the top of my list of priorities. Especially when I spend all day at my day job on a computer, and I can do the occasional personal thing there. But when I found out that Apple had 10% iMacs this weekend, not to mention I got stuck last week when Abbie became sick and I had to do some urgent work from home,  I decided I couldn’t resist any longer. Meet my new best friend…


Oh my goodness, WHY didn’t I do this months ago? It’s so nice to be able to sit down for 5 minutes, check my email, reply to someone quickly and EVERYTHING ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Sorry for all the yelling, but that there is excitement and relief!!

So… Now that I’m back properly online at home again, this can only have a positive impact on how much I blog!

One of the things I especially love is; now if I take a photo on my iPhone or iPad, by the time I come and sit down at my computer, BOOM there it is, all ready to do something with. How easy.
Now I really don’t have any excuses…

As soon as my files have all finished transferring over, I will do my next before & after blog about our renovations.

Blog ending

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  1. Congratulations on your newest roommate! It’s always nice to have something nice & clean & new, isn’t it? Looking forward to the next entry…

    1. Congratulations!!! I see that you now have an Apple, the best computer in the world. I know that you will have a happy forever after with your new baby!! So happy for you. I could never do without my computer. With Apple it is smooth sailing since the hardware and software is made or at least designed by the same company. I have been a lover of their products since I got my first computer a zillion years ago-

  2. good for you!! i just did the same thing for myself AND a new printer! I’ll be paying it off for a bit but that’s ok I’m very grateful!!

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