I wrote this post a few months ago and never posted it. Ooops! Thought I’d post it now anyway…

{If you missed Fiji Part 1, you can read it here.}

Our household has been plagued with colds this week. All 3 of us girls have been down with one. Hazard of the change in season unfortunately. So reminiscing again about our lovely holiday is probably just what I need tonight, to make me feel like we are not quite so suffocated by winter gloom…

While we were in Fji last month, we had the privilege of visiting 2 of the smaller islands just off the coast of Nadi. The first was called Treasure Island, and really did live up to it’s name. Or not, if your name is Abbie and were expecting to see real life pirate treasure… But for the rest of us the glass-like water, spectacular coral reefs, and gourmet buffet were treasure enough! We were transported out by catamaran, then transferred to a water-taxi to take us through the reef and onto the island.

IMG_8915 (Large)
Denarau Marina

IMG_8920 (Large) IMG_8950 (Large)

On our arrival to the island we were greeted by the island staff singing us on.

We then stepped on to paradise…

IMG_8953 (Large)


Treasure island is approx 15ha is size (from memory – don’t quote me)… Big enough to walk around in about 15 mins, but not quite so small that you can see from one side to the other. It is well equipped with an infinity pool, a large indoor & outdoor restaurant, accommodation chalets, tennis courts, a wedding chapel, 2 turtle ponds, and iguana enclosure, a diving/watersports shop, a small convenience & gift shop, a day spa, and a kids club. Everything you could possibly need for an incredible day out.

Upon arrival we trotted off to the dive shop and got all kitted out in snorkelling gear. I had never really snorkelled before, so I was very keen to go and view the reef.

It was beautiful!
No, beautiful is an understatement, but I’m lost for a better word.
Exquisite maybe?

After exploring the reef for a few minutes myself, I decided that I really wanted to take Hannah out to show her. It was quite a few metres from shore, but the water was so still that I decided she was more than capable. And boy was I right. Mr F, not being a very keen swimmer, and Abbie, who would not put her head in for love nor money, hung out in the pool while Hannah and I kept the fish company for hours. We could not get enough of it! It was a great way to spend some quality Mum and Daughter time, doing something we both loved as well.


Eventually it was time to get out and break for lunch. Our package entitled us to a 3 course buffet lunch… I was a little worried I would sink to the bottom afterwards haha.

Another highlight of the day was going out in a glass bottomed boat, to hand feed the fish…


The kids loved that experience!

We also got to feed the baby turtles and the iguana’s on the island.

Our day at Treasure Island was an incredible day, and I would definitely like to visit again some day!

A few days later we visited a smaller a smaller island called South Sea Island.


South Sea Island is much smaller than Treasure. You can see from one side to another, and could probably run from one tip to the other on a single breath. I’m glad we kept that island until second, because it was much closer to the main island, and the weather turned really choppy that day, so it meant we did not have to endure such a long, bumpy boat ride…

While there weren’t as many activities on offer at South Sea, or as much island to explore, the activities we did have on offer where completely awesome. Firstly, we went out as a family in a glass submarine, to look at the reef and see all the fish:



I didn’t really get any good photos (I was too busy looking), but you get the idea…

Secondly, while on South Sea Island, all the food and drink is included as part of your package. Shortly after arriving, we were treated to a delicious buffet lunch, complete with lunchtime entertainment:


The sea was really too choppy to for good snorkelling that day. I did go out by myself with the snorkelling group, but I wore a life jacket that day, and there way no way I was taking Hannah out in the swell. It was an extremely hard swim back to shore for me, even with a lifejacket on. So, because we could not whittle our day away snorkelling, I decided to be really brave and do my first dive.

What a breathtaking experience!! I went down 12 metres, which was as far as we could go, because that was how deep the bottom was. I was down there for about 45 minutes.

Wow, wow, wow!!!!

It was only my instructor and I, so I got a great one-on-one experience. Several schools of fish followed us the entire dive, swimming all around my face and body. I must have seen at least 20-30 different types of fish. We even fed them out of our hands.

I’m really pleased I took that step out of my comfort zone and gave diving a go. It was not as scary as I thought, and I would definitely like to do it again.

While I was diving, the kids made use of the kids club on the island, had their face painted, and made some shell art to bring home to decorate their rooms with.


After another dunk in the pool,


it was time to head off back to the main island…


We only had one more day left in Fiji after this trip, and that was spent close to home, because it rained, and rained, and rained, and raiiiiiined….

So we spent most of that last day in positions similar to this:


I love that Hannah kept a travel journal!IMG_8773

We did bravely head into town for a short while, so that we could get a bite to eat. And got very wet for the priviledge. I guess Fiji didn’t want us to feel too sad about going off home the next day.


But as the majority of our time there was like this:


This is pretty much how we felt about coming home:


3 months after getting back home, my tan is starting to fade like a distant memory.

The last few weeks have been filled with dodging puddles, snow and frost, and hibernating inside next to the heater. Today the sun is streaming in through the windows, but it’s not to be trusted… one step outside and you will freeze into an ice block.

And that was our Fiji holiday in a nut shell.

Blog ending


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