I have a list of favourites this Friday. Just because I can 🙂

**  Love watching my kids play outside…
It’s a joy to see them playing together nicely (while I lie on the lounger and revel in the fact I’m not being needed for a change)!

**  Loving receiving yummy mail. Today that was in the form of my first EVER giveaway win (yeah Hadley & Susan – about time you two shared the winnings around 😉 ) and a yummy fabric order from Hawthorne Threads. Love that place!

Thank you SO much Rhonda for my new parcel of goodness & your generosity at sending them all the way to Australia. The big book of rotary cutter quilts is next on my list to sit down with my feet up and peruse 🙂

If you have never visited Rhonda’s blog before then you should definitely check it out. As well as some wonderful creations she does some great sewing podcasts which I have only recently found.

**  Loving the fact that I allowed myself to spend some money on ME for a change during the boxing day sales. Thanks to some great 40% off bargains at Target I now have some great new outfits which are (for a change) making me feel very “me”. And it didn’t even break the bank!
My favourite buys from there have to be these pumps though… I love the fact that they are all under $30 (one pair was $12!) yet they are all SO comfy and cute. Score!

Coral has to join blue as one of my favourite colours of the moment I’d say!

**  Loving this plate, thrifted this week for $1

No idea what I’m going to do with it and I’m sure that many people who know me well would raise their eyebrows in question at the fact I bought a rose plate, but I’m loving it all the same.
They would probably be even more surprised to find out that I bought a tea-cup & 4 doilies all in that same trip too
– HA! I’m not known for my love of vintage – more minimalist or modern probably – but I guess it’s proof that people can change 😉

**  Loving also this wee owl. It is also a new purchase. (ok I confess that was today when I was supposed to be looking for a garment steamer and only came out with this instead… ooops…)

White with a bit of sparkle. Now that’s a bit more me!

Gosh it looks like all I’ve been doing from this post is shopping recently. Well it’s mostly been thrifting or bargain shopping. I’m have to keep reminding myself that I’m on a mission to save money for London now…

and lastly…

**  I’m loving the fact that Neil’s mum arrives tomorrow from England! She is so brave because I suspect that she is going to melt if our hot weather continues like it has been this week, but we couldn’t be more excited to be hosting her. We’ve been counting down and the one sticker left on our sticker chart informs me that there is only one sleep to go 😉

I don’t know how much I’ll be around during the next week for that reason. I haven’t pre-scheduled anything, so if it all goes quiet suddenly then there’s nothing wrong – just enjoying a holiday.

And that is my list of favourites for today…

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  1. Don’t you just love bargains! I’ve never figured out for myself which is better-the object I purchased or getting the terrific bargain. Your plate is beautiful. Enjoy your MIL

  2. I LOVE favourites lists .

    I think you know how much I adore shoes and I want all of the ones you just bought.

    I’d be using that plate for high tea or even just cupcakes. It’s pretty!

    (Your backyard looks so well planned and thought out -Im jealous !)

  3. Nice favorites — great $1 find with that plate. Have a wonderful time with your MIL. As an MIL, I hope that my DIL likes spending time with me…

  4. WOW!!!!These are truly wonderful favorite things! Your children are just adorable! Your awesome packages…and great buys…how sweet is that sister?? :o)

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