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But with a twist…. Haha 🙂

Fugly Fabric Party

The Charming Lucy (hehe total pun intended 😉 ) from “Charm about you” is hosting a Fugly fabric Giveaway party.

As history is shown, I’ve had some good fun with uglies in the past, and have enjoyed passing them on to people who will love them more than me, so I certainly could not resist joining in with this ugly party…

So… today I have 3 fabric packs up for grabs which = 3 lucky winners.

First up we have the ugly fabrics in the blue corner…
despite these fabrics being my favourite colour, I really can bring myself to part with them…

Joining in the "fugly fun" with a giveaway...

Secondly we have the fugly’s in the green corner:

Joining in the "fugly fun" with a giveaway...

And lastly we come to brown. Brown and I just don’t get on at the best of times. No offence to the brown lovers out there, I’m just totally not a brown girl…

Joining in the "fugly fun" with a giveaway...

If you are lucky enough to win the brown pack then you’ll be wanting this “special” fabric now won’t you?…

Joining in the "fugly fun" with a giveaway...

Go on, I know  you can’t contain your excitement to win that piece of brilliance!!
{and no I didn’t ever buy it! It was sent to me as a “thank you” present from a fabric shop as a free gift for making an order with them. Hmmm thanks?”}

I have been tempted to use it for a lining of a pouch though and send it to a friend as a surprise hehehehe *insert evil cackle.

So to win it’s simple… Just make a comment on this post.
 Preferably mentioning which awesome fugly fabric you would like as  your first choice. Although no promises – it will depend on what the winners pick.

I will also include some more “me” fabric scraps in with the lots just to sweeten the deal.
Ooooh now that’s got your attention hasn’t it – who can resist a lucky dip of scraps?!
Not me that’s for sure LOL…

Ok good luck 🙂
I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday 14th – Valentine’s Day at whatever time on that day I please 😉

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  1. Oh, I can definitely beat you in the fugly fabric department! I’ve heard if you cut things up small enough even super fugs will look good, but I have some stuff that I am pretty sure could prove this theory wrong. 😉

  2. I have to agree with the the brown fabrics being fugly but the blues I actually like and have some of the same fabrics in my stash so would happily have them in my home.

  3. I actually like your blue fuglies (: they look pretty good, at least in the picture (: but then again, I’m a blue and green lover, so I tend to grab a lot of it, fugly or not..
    I like two of the brown fabrics too, but I’m not really a brown girl either..

    So all in all, I’d like the blue fugly if I win (:

  4. I really like the green and then the blue. Although l am a neutrals lover l am not so keen on the browns, l think it might be the floral one that put me off.

  5. I really like the green and then the blue. Although l am a neutrals lover l am not so keen on the browns, l think it might be the floral one that put me off.

  6. Oh dear. I have some of the green sparkly fabric and I was wondering where I’d find more. It makes great aliens and frogs! So I’m in for the green “monsters” batch!

    I’m not sure how small you would have to cut up that wild floral bit to make it work! I’m not sure that was really a Thank You gift.

    Thanks for the chance to adopt some new fabrics!

  7. Hi there – ‘fuglies’ what a great description for all these fabrics -but I actually really like some of the green and blue bundles! Other peoples choices are often so interesting! Now to look out my own fuglies. xx

  8. Blue for me, if I was the winner. Redraw for the others!! If you even think of sending me the ‘grand prize’ I’m going to make something with it and post how it was YOUR fabric and how much YOU LOVE IT and I’ll tell lies like you actually spent money on it to buy it. Then I will send it back to you!!!

  9. Your blue pack would be my first choice, but I would be a happy caretaker for any of these fabrics! I have some scrappy plans on the horizon so all would be useful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. haha, what a fun giveaway! I’d actually really like the blue fabrics – they’re not bad at all!

    As for that brown “thank you” gift fabric, I wonder how many times it will eventually change hands before someone finally uses it, lol.

  11. I have to admit – I liked them all, even “brownie” (the poor thing). A lot of times I like to add a little piece of an accent fabric or something of complete contrast so I would enjoy getting my hands on any of them.

    Oh the fun I could have!!


  12. I *really* like the green bunch– and I’m gathering up fabrics for a project that needs a few pretty greens! Of course, I love the blues too– and blue is also my favorite color! On the other hand, the browns have their own appeal — especially the “special” piece! I just *know* that there is a special project out there just waiting for that gem!! 🙂 It is certainly *unusual*! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciated your sympathy and kind words. 🙂 As for your fabrics, the blues actually look pretty… and the greens aren’t too bad! As for the browns, even though I’m a total brown girl, I’m going to have to agree with you that those on are the ugly side! Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  14. I believe it’s Bonnie Hunter who says if you still think your fabric is ugly, you just haven’t cut it small enough. That being said I actually like the brown grouping – one quilter’s scraps, LOL.

  15. Ooh, fugly fabric! LOL, actually, I kinda like most of the pieces you have shown.
    If I were to win, I’d prefer the blues first, then the greens, but the browns would work too.

  16. I actually love the blue fuglies but keep away those browns…ugh! Definently would be fun to play with especially if you’re throwing in some special scraps.

  17. LOL…that fabric is quite, well, fugly???? I do like the green bundle and then blue…the brown would be the ‘least’ fav! =)

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  18. That free gift fabric is, um, “special” indeed. This is one that I would definitely cut into really tiny pieces to use in a project. Despite that, I’m a fan of your brown bundle!

  19. Wow, its no wonder the fabric store had so much of that special fabric to thank you with, huh? 😉 I actually really like the blues…I’m a sucker for them. I’d happily take them for you…

  20. i dont have any blue clothes, but plenty of blue earrings. go figure that! so perhaps i should try working with blue fabrics, too.. and when i make my “quilt thing from the blueish fabrics”i can drape my self over it , whilst wearing my blue earrings… win/win all round!!

  21. How did you get your comments numbered? Mine used to be but disappeared after the last Blogger update. Not happy (especially with this latest giveaway). Advice would be much appreciated.

    As would some fabric. 😉 My first choice is the blues. Then the greens. Then the browns. Thanks for the chance!

  22. I prefer the greens, although the blues and browns are not bad. I agree with you on that crazy last fabric but also agree that it would work inside a tote bag. Thanks for the opportunity to win any of them.

  23. I’d love to use the fabrics in the prayer quilts I make for our church ministry. First choice would be the greens, then blues, then the brown. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  24. Hi Kat! … as said other’s ugly may be other’s favourite …
    Thank you for sharing lovely fabrics! I love that blue bundle, but would need also different greens to my projects!
    Sometimes we need a challenge and that fuzzy fugly would be that!
    x Teje

  25. I don’t have much green in my stash, so I would take the green fuglies. You have inspired me to weed out some fuglies hiding in my fabric closet and offer them to someone who will love them.

  26. I really like the blues and can see them in a quilt I am working on, haha. I call my fugly fabric my “what was I thinking” fabrics. Lately I have come across quite a few as I dig through some bins I forgot I have.

  27. Fuglies are Fun! As Kermit the frog has said, “Its not easy being green” but for a frog, alligator, and lizard they are fugly awesome on a quilt. So, the green is my pick.

    Thanks so much for this generous offer,

  28. Oh. I love the blues and the greens. Especially the way the green sparkles. Potato PoTAto Tomato ToMAto one likes it hot and the other one cold – one likes it sweet and the other one not – One likes vanilla and the other one Chocolate … CHOICES …
    We all like it our way don’t we?
    Ha.. funny humans we are 🙂

  29. In order high to low of preference: blue, green, and last brown. Not proud as some of the fugly-est fabrics can be transformed in a scrappy quilt…or the lifetime of hexies I need to make for a queen sized grandmother’s double flower garden quilt. Besides, bet your “me” scraps are nice too. Thanks for the chance.

  30. You are going to love this. my android phone would not load the pics of the fabric, so if i win, i will be more than happy with whatever you send me. my 36 yr old daughter died in my arms from a blood clot and since i am disabled, entering for fabric has help fill a lot of empty hours

  31. You are going to love this. my android phone would not load the pics of the fabric, so if i win, i will be more than happy with whatever you send me. my 36 yr old daughter died in my arms from a blood clot and since i am disabled, entering for fabric has help fill a lot of empty hours

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