Happy Thursday.

Today I’ve been having a bit of a play & have updated my look.
I know… Again!
But I have had the same logo now for over 2 years (that’s got to be a record for me) so I felt like a little change.

If you’re viewing in a reader then this is what my new look looks like…

blog logo update
Chocolate fish for the person who guesses correctly where the inspiration for 
the butterfly came from.

Anyway back to the heading topic…

I have had some kind encouragement recently on some of my photography, particularly the photos that I took at the FQ retreat. I have also seen a few friends asking for help with their crafty/blog photography recently.
I was wondering…
Is anybody interested in me writing my two cents down?

Lets just clarify that I am by nooooo means an expert. I mostly muddle through making it up as I go along…
But I do know a few things.
And I am happy to share what I know with a particular focus on taking photos of crafty items.

So let me know whether you’d like to read my non-techno speak opinions and basic rules of thumb because I’ll only bother if there are enough people interested.

Also please let me know what you’re most interested in knowing more about out of these topics:

**  Composition
**  Light
**  About your camera settings
**  Lens
**  Photo editing
**  Anything else you want to know

ok back to “playing patient”… I have Dr Hannah trying to take my blood pressure & “injecting” me with medicine as I write this.
She’s getting a little frustrated at my lack of focus on the game 😉

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  1. Let me say that my opinion is so strong, it counts for extra votes! I think your photos are great & I’d love advice on composition, light & lens. Thank you!

  2. I love the new blog look. Actually what I would love is an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to create a collage-type blog header pic. All the ones i find are very tech-o worded & i just give up

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