I am having SUCH a great week!
Quality time with my awesome guests,
Some totally awesome news which has me unable to wipe the grin from my face
{will share on Thursday when it’s definitely official}
And an early birthday present in the form of a new family member;

Meet Bella…

Meet Bella. My dirty 30 birthday pressie.. She's too cute. Even for non cat lover like myself.

She looks a bit spooked in this photo because she didn’t like the camera noise that my phone was making, but she’s actually already really relaxed, settling in perfectly and making herself at home.

Izzy {our dog} and Bella {miss Kitty} are on stiff speaking terms so far, but they are on speaking terms none the less. I imagine it is only a short matter of time before they will be playing chaseys up and down the hallway with each other.

The girls of course are absolutely SMITTEN and needed no encouragement whatsoever to play chaseys.
Bedtime this evening was fun getting them to come down from their excitement. Not.
But now the house is quiet and I get to play with my new toy enjoy some gorgeous Bella cuddles…

Miss Bella making herself at home. She's such a purrer!!

To be honest I’m not really a huge animal person.
I used to be before children – we had 2 cats & 2 dogs before we moved to Australia and bought one of the dogs with us – but I guess since having babies I haven’t had the energy or the desire to have extra furry members to look after.

Perhaps this is a sign that I’m feeling released from “the baby phase” and have some more energy for other things.
Anyway I strongly feel that it’s good for the kids to have pets, so this birthday present is more for them as it is me.

She’s very cute


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  1. What a sweet kitty! I love cats but know what you mean about the added responsibility of pets. I have a policy that I am only cleaning one additional backside at a time so right now cleaning up after a cat or dog is out of the question until diaper duty is over. Your family is beautiful!

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