I had hoped to have a recipe prepared for you today for my new Thursday recipe segment

{this obviously isn’t the exciting news yet 😉 } 
but my kitchen has been a little out of action while it gets it’s spruce up. So no recipe this week…

Maybe not next week either if I’m honest because we break for a few days now before starting the painting up all over again on Tuesday…
Fun times!
I see lots of Subway in our future (the closest takeaway from our house).
Instead I thought I’d share some news.
A few nights ago I found out that I’ve been accepted as a stallholder for the
I am super duper excited!
Not to mention honoured to have been accepted because the calibre of the stallholders is really high…
{Also freaking out a little lot but ya know, lets focus on the good stuff…}
I haven’t got dates confirmed yet, but watch this space because I hope to soon have a regular fortnightly stall.
I have started prepping already and one thing is for certain – I am going to have to glue myself to my sewing machine for the next wee while because I will need a LOT more stock!
Lucky I have a generous stash sitting there just waiting to be used all up 🙂
More soon

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