Dadadadada….. here is my finished quilt-as-you-go top:

I wanted to get this sewn together by the end of October and I’m 2 weeks ahead of schedule – amazing!! Maybe a little something to do with the fact that upon doing some measurements I discovered 56 blocks (the original goal) was actually a bit overkill – and 42 blocks would be about perfect (very glad I figured that out BEFORE I made the other 14 ahem!!). I chose a bright aqua sheet for the backing (decided a cotton sheet would make my life a lot easier than sewing strips together!!).

The final (approximate) size of the quilt is:

42 blocks in total – 7 blocks wide and 6 blocks tall.
They were 14 inches prior to finishing, so they will be somewhere around the 13.5 inch mark finished.

(I actually moved my needle over a mm or so when I was sewing my final blocks together, so my final seams were slightly more than 1/4 inch for this quilt. Because of it being quilt as you go I just wanted to be on the safe side and also in a few places my blocks were a bit wonky and sometimes the fabric didn’t go right to the edges of the batting and such like (shhhhh don’t tell anyone 😉 ).

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  1. this is just beautiful! loving the colors and the pattern! have you thought of a pieced back? with the aqua sheet and maybe a few more squares?

    the fabric is divine!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! It looks perfect on your bed! And you’re new fabric yumminess… fun! I am new to amylouwho’s site and her “Sew & Tell Fridays” and I’m so glad that I found her site and your’s as well! 🙂

  3. Lovely. I have been meaning to try out a quilt as you go top. It’s on the looong list to “someday”s. 🙂 I think a sheet is great idea for the backing. I just did the same with a quilt I am finishing up now. So easy!

  4. Beautiful work!! It fits perfectly in your room! Love the colors and the design.

    I think you should go with the bright back. I LOVE bright colors and when you have it on the back people always make a little gasp when they flip the quilt over and are surprised by the fun color. But you know what works for you!

    I use sheets a lot even in the fronts of my quilts. Cheap way to get a lot of fabric. I did find out the hard way that some sheets pill so make sure you wash and dry it before you use it. :o(

  5. Love the fabric, especially the owls! Where did you buy it from? From your comment about the exchange rate, I am guessing the US…

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