No traditional Favourite Thing Friday post today…
I started writing it but found I just didn’t have the concentration to write anything other than drivel tonight. How sad!
It’s possibly something to do with the fact I’m on my third glass of wine!
But also possibly because I’ve only just sat down for the first time today and have begun to relax.
It has just been SEW busy around here this week!!

So without further ado, the winner for my cushion pattern giveaway is #27…

Congratulations Lynn!
I’ll email you your pattern shortly.

And if you’ll excuse me everyone, I’m off to relax & read my book.
A rare treat 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. I must need more sleep too, because I totally read that 4th sentence down as something different around the last word! (blinking dyslexia!)

    Anywho, hope you enjoyed your relaxation time, and you could still see straight enough to read after all that wine ;o)

  2. Im impressed you could still type after three glasses of wine. I’d be curled up in a corner somewhere.

    Congratulations Lynn.

    Enjoy your down time Kat!

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