So…. I don’t think I could be criticized for not liking change. That is for sure!!
Probably more the opposite…

I feel like it was just yesterday that I redid my sewing room and rejigged it about to try and make it work. So I’m almost I am embarrassed to show you these photos, but I’ll do it anyway…

Yesterday I was standing in my sewing room “just looking” around and trying to figure out a way that I could make it work better for me, as you do, and Mr Flutter came in and caught me at it.
Cue him giving me “the look”…
You know- the look that says “what are you up to now?….”
Well, one thing led to another and before either of us had thought about the consequences of our actions we had completely trashed my sewing room in a small matter of an hour.
Way to spend a “spontaneous” Friday night!

Anyway before long we’d taken this…

My Happy space gets happier
My Happy space gets happier

And trashed it into this…
{work in progress shot}

1 trip to the lounge to steal borrow the girls’ toy shelves & 1 trip to IKEA later to buy another desk & we managed to turn it into this…

Now I have floor to ceiling storage on one side & 2 large work desks down the other.
By getting rid of some of the furniture that was not really being very useful (and kind of driving me crazy), and maximising the height of the room for storage, I have now gained LOADS more floor, wall, desk & storage space.
SO much more organised and spacious.
What a relief!

So now you know where I’ve been for the weekend.
Now after all that hard work, typically I’m too tired to make use of it.

But ah well – there’s always tomorrow 😉

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  1. What a beautiful workspace! My husband and I went to Ikea once when Bea needed a bed. I felt trapped in the store because of the layout and we ended up jumping the cart return gate to find a way out. After that experience I thought we’d never go there again, but maybe we will now that I’ve seen your storage! And I thought I had a lot of fabric 😉

  2. Hi Kat! Oh your room looks so great now! I’m very much the same, I like to change and fix often and try to find more practical order for my things – often that takes my sewing time! Now my room is quite small and I can’t change it much and I have more time to sew! I’m so happy for you to have lots of storage space and tables to work!
    Enjoy your Sunday in your new creative place!
    x Teje

  3. Arent those Ikea shelves wonderful? I felt like I had a completely new room when I got mine and had so much more space to move around.

    Looking great Kat! Happy Sewing.

  4. I’m in the work in the kitchen camp. Would be so nice to have a whole room. Your space looks so well organised now. You might find a chair on wheels helpful moving around that long spacious table.

  5. What a great feeling! I rearranged my sewing space about a year ago, and it made SUCH a difference in the look and feel of the room. SO much more pleasant now! (Congrats on getting it all done so quickly, too!)

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