I feel so blessed to have such a lovely big space to base my business from in our downstairs rumpus room!
But I have to admit that over time it quickly became apparent I did not set the space up very efficiently when I first laid it out. Nor did I have quite enough storage or facility to organise myself properly. So just recently I have been getting more and more flustered and working in total and utter chaos!

I don’t work well in chaos! I need order (and space to sprawl) and with the amount of time I’m required to spend down there at the moment sewing for my shop, something needed to happen stat.
Especially after I tripped this morning and pulled my shoulder. Ouch!

(It was no great surprise I tripped given the state of this mess…)

photo 2

So today I decided to invest some of my recently earning market money into better storage shelving.
The thing is, cubby shelves aren’t terribly pricey, but if you have the space available boy are they USEFUL!

Today, with a complete shift around of furniture, I now have my craft room organised in a more user friendly way. My machines and work stations are all now in a logical order, all my hardware and fabric are now right next to my desk for easy access (and putting away – although time will tell about that 😉 ) and finally we had the brain wave to turn the cubby shelves I already had on their sides and use them to make a slightly higher cutting desk.

(sorry about the poor quality photos – phone photos is where it’s at today and it was starting to get dark so the light was terrible)

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5
Oh my I’m SO happy with my new cutting table! Not only is it at a better height for me to cut at now (only took me 3 years to think of doing that with them) but also I have places to store projects and scraps right there where I need it most.

I still have to hang some art on the walls now I actually have some wall space, and we plan to make a built in hanging rack to hang my stock on, but apart from that it’s pretty finished.

I have broken it in already this evening and it works a treat!
Now to see how long it stays tidy. My moneys on it being a mess by tomorrow lunch time 😉

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  1. It looks so lovely! I’m actually somewhat happy that I have a year or two of working in an unfinished space. I’ve learned how I work and hope that once I get to finish the space, I can get it right the first time LOL.

    Oh and it may be messy by lunch but now it will be so much easier to tidy!

  2. Looking good!

    I’ve managed to con my dad into helping me finish decorating the spare room so I can make it into my sewing storage heaven. I’ll have to build the storage and bed myself, but I actually like building Ikea furniture, just as long as he helps with the painting and carpet laying 😉

  3. What a great space, I love how open and airy it is–easy to breathe, relax, and create! No worries about keeping it neat. After I complete a big project I do a huge clean up of my room and put everything back where it goes for a fresh start for the next project. That works for me rather than worrying about it every single day. I do try to keep my space tidy, but sometimes it is difficult, especially with little ladies who think it’s their creative space (and materials) too;)

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