Did you think I forgot?
Because I totally did heheheh… sorry 🙂 I’ve been slacking off big time these last 4 days since Neil’s been having a long weekend before he flies back to work away tomorrow. So I’ve been happily distracted by enjoying time with my family and laying low to recover from my nasty bug.
But better late than never right, so here are the final measurements if you want to make your own version of my wonky table runner….

Christmas Table Runner completely finished...

Ingredients up to this point:
** 16 trees
**  3 wonky stars

Ingredients needed now to complete:
**  5 of 5 x 3.5 inch rectangles
**  3 (I think) 2 inch x WOF white lengths
**  Loads of red scraps – I paid no attention to how many I used sorry, but see step 4 bellow for size requirements…
**  1 of 15.5 x 1.5 inches red strip
**  1 x 40 x 15 inches red strip
** Binding & backing fabrics

My {Rough} Method of Piecing the Top:
Please note that all seams used were 1/4 inch…

1) First I laid out my top on the design wall floor how I wanted it including the 16 trees, 3 stars & 5 white rectangles

2) When I was happy with the layout of trees and stars then I pieced the vertical columns of trees together in groups of 3’s and sewed the 2 inch x WOF lengths onto them. Then cut the WOF lengths down to size. (I know – I could have worked out what they needed to measure & cut them first but I’m lazy like that.)

3) Now I measured these columns & cut my stars down to the same size. Let me help you out here – they need to 6.5 wide. The height of the stars should in theory be 5 inches but one of mine was bigger than that & I cut down the white rectangle underneath it to suit.

4) Now the top was pieced I made my scrappy red borders. These measures 2.5 x 15.5 inches and 2.5 inches x 37 inches
However please note: I cut my red scraps 5 inches tall & random widths, then strip pieced them together in bunches of 3-4 along the 5 inch sides. Then I trimmed those groups in half so that they were then groups of 2.5 inches tall to save time. So unless you are working with scraps that are already small you also might want to consider doing that to save yourself messing around with lots of tiny squares.
Once you have these pieced then join them onto your runner.

5) Iron your red 1.5 inch strips in half like you would your binding so that they now measure whatever half the width of 1.5 inches is (that’s where you lose me on the inches – I’m a metric girl).

6) Now join the raw edges of your short red length, to the left hand side of your runner. Lay a 1.5 inch white strip on top so that all 3 sets of raw edges match & join using a 1/4 inch seam. You should have just made your first “peakaboo” border. Repeat with the top.

7) Baste to the back, quilt & desired & bind.

Done done done.
I think that’s everything I did. Sorry for the vagueness and no photos but that’s what you get for asking me to make a tutorial in retrospect hey 🙂
And I also can’t be bothered to proof read that right now so I’m sorry if there’s a zillion mistakes. Hopefully it’s vaguely useful in any case.

Enjoy! & as always if you make one I’d love to see!!


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  1. Love the vagueness. I’ve been asked how I made things before and generally I didn’t have a clue because most things I make up as I go along. Your table runner is perfect and your partner will love it!

  2. Well if we end up with something slightly different that will be fine by me! As long as it is as awesomely gorgeous as the original! Who was that bad person asking for a tute in retrospect….?

  3. Great! I want to know more about your quilting lines. Do you mark your quilt or “eyeball” it? Where did you start? Also, do the lines go through the trees or do you stop on either side and backstitch? Just wondering. I made a pumpkin tablerunner this weekend and “eyeballed” around each pumpkin three times. I like the way it looks, but it was hard to do. I usually just fmq squiggles. Thanks!

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