It is box city here in every room... #6sleepstogo!!

We are on the final countdown to the move here now!

It has been a b.u.s.y but productive week…
I have been dutiful at following a to-do list on my phone.
– I don’t know what I would do without it really, because I find that unless I write it down as I think about it then it weighs on my mind and I start to stress out about the millions of things left to do.
With such long lists it is easy to forget to do something important.
Since my phone is always near my side, using the reminders app has been ideal for me as I can then jot down my notes where ever I am, set reminder alarms if necessary, then tick them off as I go.
Too easy.
I highly recommend it.
Of course it would be even easier still if I didn’t have to do the jobs in the first place, but never the less it makes it a lot less stressful trying to remember the all 😉

During the week my house has gone through various stages of looking like this;

Because I’ve been trying to use the lounge to sort and store.
Having everything centralised makes it a bit easier to group the last random things in to a somewhat sensible order.
It just makes for a very messy house.

Keeping on top of the clutter is especially tricky now that there are no homes for things, and as a person who likes order I find it rather frustrating having mess everywhere.
{Having 2 guests in the house who are also living out of suitcases probably does not help that either.}
With two little “helpers” in the house it is often an exciting adventure finding out what the kids have stashed in our suitcases or packing boxes next 😉

This week the boxes have been packed,
the cleaning has began,
the garden has been tidied,
windows washed,
painting has occurred,
more trips to take things to the charity stores,
and yet more boxes have been packed.
Just the kitchen and last minute linen to pack and I think we are done with the boxes…

Oh yes, I am so sick of packing!
I feel like I’ve been doing it for mooooonths. Which partly true I guess because I did start months ago.
Thank goodness we are nearly to the end of it all…
It’s so hard to believe that there are only 6 more sleeps to go!!
In 6 sleeps this house will be emptied of our family and we will hand the keys over to the next family.

We have loved our little house by the lake and sea.
This has been our first home as a family of four –
As a complete unit.
And it is currently the only ones the kids know.
It will always be dear to our hearts.
I can imagine that we will each shed a few tears as we say goodbye to it.

But it is time to move on to the next adventure…
I wonder what life will have in store for us next.
Not long until we get to find out…

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