Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side is hosting a Blogger’s Quilt Festival while Fall Quilt Market goes on. (Because don’t we all wish we were there… I know I do!)

It took me a bit of consideration to work out which quilt to enter, because I have made some pretty awesome quilts in the last year even if I do say so myself *modesty alert 😉
But after a bit of thought I’ve decided to enter my “Cheeky Quilt”, because there are a few factors that set this quilt apart from any other that I’ve made…

    **  It’s by far the biggest quilt I’ve made – large King Size.
    **  It is soooo special to me because of how many people (at least 25) contributed to it for me
    **  I’ve had it on my bed for nearly a year now and I’m showing no signs of getting sick of it….With approx 980 different fabrics involved I see something new every time I look at it.
    **  Just love it so much!

So if you have seen this before regular readers then please do humour me while I show off my Cheeky Quilt in all its awesome glory once again…

cheeky quilte (Large)

A brief history about this quilt…

In August 2010 I got it in my head that I’d like to make myself another Queen/King sized quilt for my bed because the previous one I’d made shrunk lots from all the dense quilting and had ended up a bit small.
Only problem was that I was sick of making the log cabin blocks after not long finishing a queen size. And I needed 49 of them total if I was going to pull it off. Yikes.
… Luckily I had nearly half the required blocks because I had used the block for my month in 2 rounds of a bee. But that still left 29 to go… So, on a cheeky whim, I hesitantly blogged asking if any of my bloggy friends would like to make a block for me, offering them an exchange of something if they liked.

To be honest I wasn’t really expecting any response!!
But I got one.
An amazing response at that!
You will find the list of those wonderful ladies who helped me make this quilt this quilt a reality at the bottom of the post.  I will be forever grateful to them for their help.
And that my friends is why this quilt is called “The Cheeky Quilt”

Some of my favourite parts…

Cheeky quilt instacollage
Gotta love goldfish in bags… And aqua scissors – perfect for a sewing Kat 🙂

And from the other side…

So this really is a very special and sentimental quilt with contributions from so many of my blogging, flickr & “real life” friends!

A true testament to what can be achieved when our awesome online quilt community works together.

The Final Stats:
Finished size:          approx 101.5 inches square
Number of blocks made by me:        6
Number of other people contributing blocks:       25
Approximate number of different fabrics included:     980
Quilted by:     Me
Special techniques used:     Quilt as you go method
Best Category:     Fav bed quilt, Fav group or bee quilt, Fav home machine quilted, Fav scrap quilt

Thank you SO much to: Susan, Shay, Marg, Anne, Linda, Jamie-Lee, Mona, Rachel, Mel, Sarah, Corrie, Lucinda, Juliet, Angie, Bec, Bron, Debbie, Sue, Suz, Allie, Caroline, Tammi, Ellie-Mae, Jill, Bree, (gosh I really hope I haven’t missed anyone!)
…for your much cherished and appreciated contributions!!

As well as blocks gifted by these fine people above, I have also used fabric from many swaps I’ve had with other people. To name a few: Angela, Megan, Karen, Leona, Susan, Bec.

I love every single block though, and it’s amazing how well they all go together…

Just too perfect!
I think it will be a very very long time until this quilt stops being my favourite ever!

You may find the scrappy log cabin block tutorial here , my QAYG Process tutorial here… and the original reveal post here

If you are here for the first time thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Excuse me ma’am, but I think your feet are on my block. (HeeHee!)

    Brilliant quilt and all those people were happy to contribute because we all love you so much. Thrilled to see it again and know that you are still so happy with it. Wish I had done more blocks but my stash wasn’t as good then as it is now.

  2. It was a pleasure to contribute a block, even though I really really had to stretch myself to go really scrappy. IT really is a fun quilt isn’t it, and a great way to remember all your bloggy pals.

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