If you are popping over for the first time from Amy’s then Hi! Welcome to Diary of a Flutter.Kat! 
I hope you’ll get a chance to take a look around and see a few of my other creations and tutorials.

Today I want to share my newest creation for the festival…
I chose to share this quilt rather than one I’ve already shared before for a couple of reasons, namely no one has seen pics of it in it’s finished state yet, but most importantly I really pushed myself to try a number of new techniques in this quilt. It really stretched me, mostly in a good way but not all. Frustration levels did rise at certain points I have to admit! (Ahem – tiny, over ambitious paper piecing perhaps…)
But overall I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

So without further ado I present to you my Modern Christmas Swap Table Runner….

A couple of close ups of new-to-me techniques…

Piecing trees:

tutorial here…

A paper pieced star:

pattern here…

Improvised stars:

Process here…

Peekaboo border:

Quilting detail:

Sneak peak of my quilting...

And here it is on my table being tried out for size…

Oh & the back – just a random green print that I had enough of in my stash since my partner wasn’t that keen on the one I originally bought for the backing. I am not a massive fan of this print to be honest, but it wasn’t a Christmas print as per my partner’s requests, and it happened to be the perfect size. So it seemed like a logical choice. And I figure how often does anyone ever look at the back?!
Therefore random green print it was…

Here are the stats:

**  Scrappy, asymetrical pattern of my own design
(Step 3 in the pattern: final sashing & border measurements will be coming in the next few days for those who want to make their own)
**  Table runner finished at 40 x 16 inches
**  Echo quilted around the stars in light green thread
**  Bound using light green dotty stripes. (That’s actually my one regret actually – I think a sold may have been a better choice to reduce the busyness)
**  16 trees all in different fabrics
**  3 scrappy stars
**  14 different red designer prints in the scrappy border
**  Only 2 small scraps of Christmas fabric in the entire thing. See if you can pick them partner 😉

I’m pretty happy with it, despite my small regret that I didn’t bind it with a solid.
So hopefully my partner will be just as thrilled when it arrives to her!

Check out all the other cool quilts in the festival over at Amy’s…


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  1. Good morning Kat! I love your new table runner! All those details are really great and I like the backing fabric for a Christmas project!
    Have a lovely week!
    xxx Teje

  2. Really Kat, just send it my way already, stop torturing everyone!
    If this doesn’t make its way to the US of A I will definitely be ATTEMPTING my own, its completely gorgeous, you did an amazing job!

  3. Very nicely done! Also, your website is great! I just read your financial planning series, and it looks like I have some work to do with my fiancee this weekend. Thanks for sharing your system – I think it could really help me!

  4. i love your project – the quilting is so fun and those stars are adorable. i actually like the random green print on the back and I love the borders. great job.

    i also have enjoyed reading your blog — one of my favorite parts about this festival is finding new blogs! So yay for that! =)

  5. What a fun quilt – it made me smile. Love the bright colors and the small blocks! You are too funny, saying no one looks at the back as you are showing it to us.
    Come see my entries #29 miniature applique reproduction and #31 antique 1850 Bethlehem Star.

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