A few months ago when Laura from Quokka Quilts & The Fat Quarter Shop teamed up to put together a Blogger’s choice competition I really wanted to join in, but time didn’t quite allow.
So this time, when Katy from Imagingermonkey & Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics teamed up for a similar comp, I just could not resist to join in!

I’m a regular shopper at Brenda’s shop and just LOVE her selections. {In fact I just received my Flea Market Fancy pre order from her this week heheheh}.
But mainly the biggest pull this time was – I actually have time! Yes, today I am glued to my bed feeling like dying with this darn sinus cold again. I should be sewing – but I have since learned that headaches and sewing don’t gel… {think more time spent with my seam ripper than actually sewing!}
So there was nothing better to cheer me up than a little afternoon virtual fabric shopping love!!

I’m sure it will come to no surprise to you that in both my selections the colour blue was heavily involved. Butterflies also may make an appearance.
So predictable I know…

Here is my first selection…

Bloggers Choice Bundle #1 version 2

I just love that middle print up the top. This one:

And was quite excited to find Brenda stocking it. So my first bundle was made around entirely around that print.

I’m totally digging how the bundle came out. Lots of my favourite kinds of prints and I totally want one!

What I did find a surprise was that my bundle contained so many colours. I’m secretly impressed with myself actually that I didn’t go monocramatic (blue!) or just stick with 2 colours.
I can definitely tell how far I’m come since I first started sewing, because back then putting colours & fabrics together was a s.t.r.u.g.g.l.e.
Practise definitely pays off! At increasing my comfort level & speed if nothing else.

Sorry, I’m a complete naughty and realised afterwards that I was supposed to write down all the names for you.
I’m going to pull the sick card. Do you think it will work?

Bundle 2 revealed tomorrow 🙂

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