A bit of laugh out loud mail…


    Today I had a piece of mail arrive that made me laugh out loud as soon as I figured out what it was – Seriously, before I’d even finished opening it and read the card I was snorting away like a girl in the back of a junior school classroom!
    Right in the middle of the shopping mall entrance I was too…
    Mr Flutter thought I had gone properly mad this time!

    Until I explained what it was I’d just received – and then even he cracked a smile…

    Ever seen this before?

    Haha the FUNC has come to (briefly) visit.

    Yes that’s right – the F.U.N.C came to visit Australia, courtesy of my friend Annabella in from Life’s Rich Pattern.


    Not sure what on earth this means?
    Click on the link above and it will take you to my friend Rhonda’s blog where you can read all about the history of the F.U.N.C and it’s travelling antics. It’s been to quite an impressive array of countries now.

    Thanks Rhonda & Annabella for including me in this hilarity and giving me a great chuckle!!

    Hmmm…. I wonder where it will visit next 😉
    If you’re a long time follower of my blog and I happen to have your address then watch out – you could be next

    ** insert evil creepy laugh

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    1. LOVELY!!! He certainly took his time getting there. Are you going to take him out & about & photograph him like Leanne did? Or will you photograph him with the girls? Maybe you will take him to market with you! I can’t wait to see where you decide to send him!!! I will update his page!

    2. Get some photos of FUNC out and about. Like Annabella did. I am feeling like I was a very poor host to FUNC indeed because I thought he/she/it was too ugly to take out. It will be the world’s best travelled needle case soon though.

    3. Funky Town (by LIPPS, Inc)

      Gotta make a move to a town
      That’s right for me
      Town to keep me movin’
      Keep me groovin’ with some energy

      Well, I talk about it, talk about it
      Talk about it, talk about it

      Talk about, talk about
      Talk about movin’

      Gotta move on
      Gotta move on
      Gotta move on

      Won’t you take me to
      Won’t you take me to
      Won’t you take me to
      Won’t you take me to


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